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I'ma need more of this before I can decide weather I crave it or not. You're doing very well so far!

“Undying mind” I know I’ve heard that name before but....AGH! I FORGOT!!!!

This might finally be a good Destiny crossover!

Very well done. You have my attention.

Enjoyable please write more.

Gotta say, been taking a bit of a break from Destiny, 'bout a month or two, but I've kinda been wanting to go back to it. I think this story was just the thing needed to kick this old Titan back into gear.
Enjoyable and nicely written. Will eagerly await future updates.

That’s allot of different supers..... and riven. Ho-boy. I wonder what she wished.

damn straight you ain't ready for bookhorse.

What is this a crossover of?

This is a crossover with Bungie's Destiny. I thought I put that in the story description, but apparently not. Thanks for pointing that out.


And it is a Tag option under the Series section when editing/creating a story. FYI

Thanks for the heads up! The format of everything has changed a lot since I was last active.


Did she just get her “void light” back via the “power of friendship” by twilight sharing food with her?

Magic in the fim universe is consistent I’ll give it that.

nah, barely know anything about destiny, but i'm pretty sure Luna here got her Void back, but has yet to have her Light be returned to her

Gonna be interesting to see if Lunas infatuation with violet is truly her own or an effect of the dream (eg. Influencing her mind down a certain path).

Hmm Luna on Luna
Well that is gonna be confusing when she can talk properly.

nice, too bad the news didn't get around to Twilight fast enough for her to know wishing ain't something you can just throw out there as a what-if-this-was-better type thing.

Light in Destiny terms is required before it can be 'Typed', as it were. Luna's connection to the Void type requires her Light to be restored, as shown early in the Red War story mode (Base Destiny 2 story).

Do I need to know anything about Destiny in order to understand this story?

You don't need to know anything about Destiny, but certain things will make a bit more sense with that extra context. This is a pony-fic, first and foremost.


Very nice chapter and loved the use of Spike to help explain things.

I literally almost cried. Not from the feels of the chapter, but the song. Fuck dude, good choice.

That song is actually the namesake and inspiration of the story. When I first heard it, I heavily associated it with my Guardian Luna, and started thinking of the story that would fit around it. This is the result. I'm glad my choice was able to have that kind of impact.


Is there a reference image for these dragonoid forms?

An image is now in the Author's Notes on this chapter and in Chapter 1!


Are humanoid riven forms from any cannon lore or is this a concept you came up with yourself?

That's all me.


*reads last line* FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

Godamit luna she told you

"I wish I could help Violet somehow..."

And after all that you just learned? Maybe you thought Violet didn't trust you, either way, dumb move.

So half awoken half wish dragon might make her able to shapeshift

Are you going with the idea that guardians only get one subclass? Or can she change between the three? And then use the different branches in those subclasses?

I was mad at first. A hunter using Titan supers? Then riven came up and I just felt confused. Also Lord of wolfs and ace of spades. Have yet to identify the sword

Every time someone brings up Cade's death I cry just a little. He was my vanguard And my friend

I don't know why but the crossovers I've read have never grabbed me in such a way as yours has. I shall keep my eye on this tale

No. Guardians in this story can switch between subclasses at will, as evidenced by Luna using an incendiary grenade to light a fire for the night. However, Luna has some Backstory™ as to why she works differently.


Wanted to say sorry. Really should read the full story before asking dumb questions.

Luna actually isn't using Lord of Wolves. She's actually using a Solar Ether Nova~. I do still follow the 1 Exotic weapon and 1 Exotic armor rule.


I'm glad I got those real-time comments, so no sweat!


what will the elements deem is hamony for luna?

Anything to nothing ahamkara Violet could shape reality to be the unimate harmony, we are talking about creatures so meta they know there in a video game

"This being is a seasoned warrior with magics we may not be aware of. If that dream and this hydra are anything to go by, we may have a threat to not just Equestria, but the world, on our hooves," Luna said. She let the full gravity of those words sink in for a moment. "I believe we should contact the other nations."

Yes, because in Destiny a Hunter is totally docile when threatened, and it has always turned out fine for the party that manages to corner a Hunter.

If violet is the heir to ahmkara then her awoken form isn’t her true form, as the elements worked to return Luna from nightmare moon will violet now be permanently in dragon form?

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