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Golden Fang Ryu Shenron

"I am life. I am death. I give everything. But I take all. I am a King. A Queen. An Assassin. An Army. I am the Savage Kingdom!"


  • EAngel Of The Snow
    A Queen of the Night and an Angel of the Snow find each other in their darkest times and form a powerful bond with one another. Follow their heartbreaking story of how they find each other, lose each other, and find one another in the snow once more.
    Golden Fang Ryu Shenron · 1.9k words  ·  24  1 · 414 views

This story is a sequel to Tears Of Black

When you lose someone you love more than anything or anyone else in the world, you'll go through hell and back to get revenge against those who wronged you. Follow the journey of a father tiger as he gets justice for the spilled blood of his family. As well as the blood of the entire tiger species of the Undiscovered West.

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Okay I got confused are they ponies or humans? Because you said there was ponies footprints in the cave and then you said the humans look like bees from a distance.

Do these tigers have ice powers?

No, it’s fire. Like the one on the cover art:derpytongue2:.

Your good:pinkiecrazy:

You bet your cute rump it was intense:rainbowdetermined2:!

Indeed I am:pinkiecrazy:. I live for showing just how much animals mean in this world:rainbowdetermined2:!

By the way...since you’re so engrossed in my My Little Broly Fic...maybe you’d like take a look at my Knights of Equestria fic:ajsmug:?

Yes indeed. Don´t spoil it (I haven´t really watched it, just know public knowledge) but it´s like the king trying to save his son, Simba.

Thanks:twilightsmile:! Did you see the one on Tears of Black?

Not yet, but I will.

Wow... I did not know there was a song for the title! I just thought of it at the top of my head:pinkiegasp:!

Whoa, that was brutal both on the tiger losing those he loved and the ponies losing all of their lives. :( Good job.

Savage, brutal, and unforgiving:ajsleepy:. Hell hath no fury like a Tiger scorned:rainbowderp:.

I just noticed that the picture for this story changed. Nice!

Yeah, I felt like it needed a better one:twilightsmile:.

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