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I like sandwiches and coffee. I also write a shit ton of smolcellus fics.


Equestria is a pretty happy environment after Tirek, Cozy Glow, and Chrysalis are defeated. A few more years in with a whole lot of technological advancement, Smolder and Ocellus get their hands(and hooves) on a new form of tech. The internet is created, and they start to send each other some questionable means of entertainment.

We all like memes, chill out. F**kin' normies.

Also: This fic was inspired by user Frazzle2Dazzle's comment here.

Also, Also: You know the drill. No explicit sex. Just minor hints(and a bunch of f**kin kissing).

Also, Also, Also: The alt universe tag isn't really "intense changes" or anything, just technology. A f**k ton of technology.

*Bonus chapter coming soon

Update: I changed my mind. I might be shaping this into an Anthology, so, keep a lookout for some new chapters.

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Comments ( 14 )

Smolder and Ocellus get their... "appendages" on a new form of tech.

Ocellus has hooves. How is that weird?

Ah. Couldn't figure out how to say hooves and hands. :rainbowlaugh:

Changed it.

Memes: are mentioned
Me: Whomst has summoned me from my mortal slumber!?


Oh please, great meme lord, take this story as an honor and sacrifice for your good will!

What if those two made a Release Room?

A Legalized Release Room.

Definitely. With memes to better the "release" of it.

To review your story with a meme: boy, that escalated quickly.

That depends. In a good way, or a bad way? Both counts too. :rainbowlaugh:

Mostly bad. I wasn't ready for a brief exchange of memes to turn friends into girlfriends. However, this is my own fault, because you broadcast what was going to happen in the story's tags and description.

Understandable. It isn't even partially your fault, it is kind of all mine. I mean, mostly because of the fact that I didn't know what the fuck I was doing with this story, lol. I wanted to imply that they were girlfriends before, but I didn't, and then, eugh. You're right, it only was a mere exchange of memes, but, I plan to write a new chapter(assuming you'll come to read it again, which you probably won't) with a better dynamic and plot, I guess. I don't know if I'd want to make an anthology, simply because of the fact that this story is a little better on it's own, but, that thought didn't stop Disney. I'll keep a few things in mind when I think about character exchanges. Thanks.

I see. Well, for the record, Ocellus × Smolder is a perfectly good ship. So, extending this into a more detailed romance is a perfectly decent idea. Or at least it's got to be better than Frozen II, even if I only understood after seeing that mediocre excuse for a Disney movie that Frozen wasn't a good candidate for getting a sequel to begin with.

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