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His name is John. He was a late bloomer in middle school, and among a group of people with extraordinary abilities, he was kicked around. But once he gained his own ability, one that granted him a power scale so high that years later his highest point in middle school would've already beaten the senior King of Wellston. And thus he became the King of New Boston. His brutality increased as well as his power. So high that he at one point destroyed his entire class and beated them up, an action that would expel him from middle school and to be stuck in isolation for a year.

After that though, he would become a student of Wellston High School, in which he would becomes friends with Seraphina, the Time Queen. It all just comes to a sad chain of events that eventually leads him to resume his evil deeds, this time for a good intention of protecting his friend by tearing down the hierarchy. But by doing so, he has placed far too many lives in danger.

But what if the government deemed him too dangerous when he was in middle school? What if using their abilities they sent him to another world, a world full of peaceful creatures with magical abilities as well?

Will this world show John the right path to live and to use his abilities for the good, or will he let himself continue down the dark path that he went through before?

A UnOrdinary x MLP Crossover

Chapters (5)
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If it seemed to rush, then it probably is. I realized last minute that it had to have a MLP Element which I had not add so I added the last section in a hurry

What's UnOrdinary? Never heard of it before.

It's a web comic that's mostly found on webtoons

Ah. Interesting.

This is an unexpected crossover, curious to see where it goes considering the kind of character John is.

Yes. A Post New Boston John. I wonder how I shall lead this to be

Seems you've gotten being displaced mixed up with The Displaced, not unless you plan to use those elements later?

...honestly I don't know the difference between the two. Mind giving me a refresher?

Set in John's life pre Seraphina and changed mindset, hm? You know, this is definitely an interesting idea, and despite the (already admitted) rush at the end, it still sets just the right tone to get a quick look at what's happening on the other side.

Looking forward to future chapters, that's for sure. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you. I think that prospect is more interesting as he's still violent but in between reform, but now it's up to him and others to lead him

The Displaced are characters from the real world who are forced to be changed and/or given powers due to a powerful and/or otherworldly being or someone/something has the power to so do. Afterwards, they're sent to Equestria, either main or some kind of AU Equestria. Said Displaced (optional but not required in story) can meet others who have suffered the same fate by using something called a token that lets them cross the multiverse to meet them. Basically, there's alot of thought put into this that the group presents.

Yea. Alot of people tend to read the front page and are not aware there's more to it.

Comment posted by BlowyRex deleted February 7th

K that was dope

Kind of rushed, but an interesting start:pinkiesmile:.

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