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“What all the wise men promised has not happened, and what all the damned fools said would happen has come to pass.” ― William Lamb Melbourne


This story is a sequel to Twilight In Plain Sight

Blitz was once an athletic teen with supportive parents. Then things went really wrong.

Then she was alone and on the road, but she was a tough girl, and she could take it.

Then she met a boy. Not a man, that she learned far too late... but a good boy.

And now the good boy was gone, and it's four AM and the morning sickness has her up and staring in the mirror, wondering where that brilliant rainbow-haired teenager went when she wasn't looking.

Written for the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting contest 'Colourful Characters #2: Rainbow Dash'.

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You utterly nail Rainbow's narrative voice in this one mate, still love the ending as well 👍

This was a feeling rollercoaster. Damn this was well done, but fuck it made me feel so sorry for Rainbow. So much potential thrown away in an accident - or maybe bad decision? I wonder if her daughter's ever going to meet her grandparents.
On that, is Rainbow guilty? Is it meant to be open to interpretation? Does she even know? So many questions it raises, with a so bleak future. But still she has hope, and that matters a whole damn lot.

Both stories; this and the previous were really good

Ouch. I wonder how she will take it when she finds out about Fluttershy and the mess that is developing around her?

Always good to hear more from this world, even if it's from one of the more desperate and confused corners of it. Blitz has a lot to think about, but I have no doubt she'll do everything to make her kid worthy of the name. I just hope she can trust that the witch really does have her best interests at heart. At least she's taking the responsibility seriously now.

Author Interviewer

Shit, dude.

I just want to know who the 'witch' is.


Er, Dusk Shine?

I don't know, man, this weird straight chick just straight parachutes into my life and turns it upside down. We didn't know her from Apple, she just walks up to us and starts talking. Except she just looks straight, she was some sort of... I dunno. Witch.

Like, the fortunetellers on the road are all frauds, you know? They dress the part, they talk the part, they work the marks. And you don't fuck with the fortunetellers, because they all have a mean streak a mile wide, and they collect markers, with the rest of the crew, you know? Markers which they will call in to blindside you if you cross one of them. You learn to not step on their schtick when they're dukkering, or mess with them when they're working the marks. But you don't buy into their shit. Because it's always shit.

This chick isn't like that. She doesn't dress like a raghead, she doesn't patter romany, she doesn't stink like a mitt camp. She looks - and smells! - normal. Like a schoolteacher, if one who's a bit into crystals. Nothing flashy, no fortune-teller crysto-bling, just barely enough to accessorize, like an old friend of mine used to say.

She just - look, I don't know if she cold reads like a god, or if she cheats somehow, something crazy like she was into our phones. But she knows shit. And I swear she never goddamn had enough time to play us like they do in mitt country. She's fucking spooky.

So yeah, Dusk Shine's a witch. Maybe not the real deal, but realer than anything I've ever seen on the road.

Author Interviewer

Ah! Figured, but forgot that detail. :B

My immediate thought when reading this description:

And when she did, she'd be the biggest baby in five counties.

Leave it to :rainbowderp: to decide to make pregnancy a contest, a competition. That does feel damn scary accurate for one way she would approach this.

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