• Published 18th Jan 2020
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No Spells Needed - Ice Star

Starlight Glimmer knew magic was only half of what she needed to make ponies see her way. Double Diamond just knows that he will be much carefuller about listening to Starlight Glimmer.

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In Our Town, everypony has a house, but nopony has a home.

All our mirrors are painted over, and every room is exactly the same.

Everypony is given what they deserve, because nopony should have anything more.

Each meal contains everything we need and nothing more.

None of us can ever be any better than another.

Company is always around, because a community is always the same as a friend.

We never have to stay in a cottage for more than one night, because nothing is our own.

There is no style to be made when all our choices are made for us.

Nopony has a job because everypony works for everypony else, and nopony knows how to say just how much they hate that.

No work yields reward when there is nopony to reward - not even ourselves.

We never have to fall in love because romances sow differences and are unneeded.

Nothing we do not need is allowed.

Nopony is special, and everypony is deserving.

Every job is meant to be shared.

Skills are the death of proper contribution.

There is no loneliness because everypony is always smiling and must talk to three other ponies a day.

Nothing is ever bought because no bits can be found.

Nopony is ever refused anything because everything belongs to everypony. That’s what we are told.

We never need to worry about meaning when nothing is allowed to mean anything.

No art is permitted to debase the cottages because art is original, and originality is wrong.

There is no need to believe anything on our own.

Nopony can be displeased when everypony acts the same.

The cost of everypony is always worth the price of me.

Self-expression is group-harm.

Everypony belongs when nopony can refuse.

A social species is the right to a free individual’s wrong.

Going against the herd is always worthy of the highest condemnation without investigation.

I have no way but their way.

Nopony protects anypony because everypony must trust everypony else. There is nothing and nopony to be protected from.

Being oneself in any way is to be wronging the many in every way.

Hope is the thing with feathers because it should be made to fly away.

Defiance and doubt are the enemies of any community.

Nopony should ever be a stranger when they can be made the same.

Any struggle in any task is a sign that it is wrong.

Challenges are incapable of measuring anything.

There is no such thing as mistreatment when it is deserved.

It still counts as caring, even if you’re made to.

Passion is an ill obsession in all instances.

Authenticity is as false as art, and all art is superfluous and without obligation.

The idea of winners and losers is pure barbarism in any context.

Diversity among ponies only causes conflict, and any form of conflict is wrong.

Stagnation is an important part of life.

We never want to be our best because we never want to try. Those kinds of desires are wrong.

In sameness, there is peace.

Exceptionalism is a lie.

To excel is to fail. And we should all fail together because that is what Starlight Glimmer says.

Without our cutie marks, we are free.

We chose equality as our special talent. But we don’t think that should be a choice.

Everypony has obligations, and that matters more than our choices. We were falsely branded because of our choices and saddled with more than we could bear.

Because nopony wants to leave, nopony ever should.

There is no higher goal than labor, especially for the herd.

A working pony is the best thing all of us can be; anything else creates staunch inequality.

Nothing to learn means no divides can be made.

Questions are the strongest possible symbols of disrespect.

Talents are a cruel concept, and those without them are left to suffer outside of Our Town.

We should only focus on how to aid the little village.

Nothing outside our gardens and fields matter.

The only walls we need from the outside world are unseen for a reason.

Hiding anything from one another and Starlight Glimmer is wrong.

Privacy is meant to be revoked.

Names are cosmetic differences and meaningless.

Everything the speakers say is technical because Starlight Glimmer would never lie to us. She is the most equal of us all.

Party Favor thinks there might be a speaker in each cottage. But sometimes Party Favor thinks too much.

The reason Starlight Glimmer is our leader is that she showed us the way and we want her to be. Nothing else is needed to be a leader except the will of the ponies to be lead.

The princesses are false and distant while Starlight Glimmer lives among us.

There is no difference between a leader and those who they preside over.

A soul caged in constant safety is better than any freedom to fail or succeed.

Enlightenment and education are false consolations compared to Starlight Glimmer’s House of Re-Education.

Honesty is the cruelest policy.

Kindness is mandatory.

Laughter is subjective and false.

Generosity is an illusion because all should be given when everything is deserved.

Loyalty implies the option to deflect from the herd.

Magic is a curse that would make individuals of us all, and must be damned for the brands of the soul it lays upon us.

And in Our Town, every one of us is fed with lies, but nopony is willing to admit it.