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Plantation owners in the Deep South kind of ruined the concept of slavery; this sounds like something closer to the people who sold themselves into slavery to compete as gladiators. (An aside: gladiators were just the Roman equivalent of professional sports, complete with product endorsement. Look it up.)

Also, y'know, we call it "wage-slavery" for a reason; it's the same abusable power dynamic with more or less the same abuse. They were just more intellectually honest about it back then.

Honestly, I would say that the slavery Fluttershy is sold into is more similar to the deep south than the gladiator kind (and much different than wage slavery), but that is an interesting concept that I've never considered.

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Why would Fluttershy do it? Why not Applejack?


Because I'm not a fan of Applejack lol.

Any chance of a sequel? :D

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Comment posted by Gabriel LaVedier deleted June 16th

Discord: "Fluttershy, you do realize that if you wanted to be kept and treated like that, you could have just asked me, right?"

...I'm not saying Discord is necessarily into this kind of stuff, but you can't tell me that he isn't chaotic enough or doesn't care for Fluttershy's needs enough to ask such a question. After all, even the reformed version of him, while having adopted a kind of morality (and also a deep and genuine care for Fluttershy and her needs), isn't exactly conventional about it. At the very least I can easily see him offer to become Fluttershy's master for her own sake.

I feel like that would go against why Fluttershy made the decision in the first place. She wants to be useful to somepony, to use her talents to make others happy, and if Discord treated her like that, he would be the one trying to make her happy. That would make Fluttershy continue to feel like a burden, which was partly why she left Ponyville in the first place. Plus, as crazy as Discord is, I'm not so sure he'd want to hurt his best friend. :twilightsheepish:


Im kinda sad she wasnt regretting having a new life like that it would be lovely to see her trying to escape and failing.. :P

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