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I have been writing Twirax stories since 2019.


Ip man, a legendary Wing chun master from China mysteriously finds himself in Equestria during his final battle against Barton Geddes, and he has planned to conquer the land along with a dark unicorn that the ponies thought they had defeated. Now Ip man must protect the ponies land from his enemies with the help of some friends, will he be able to succeed?

New story! I hope you all will enjoy this one! (And this story will have Twirax shipping. And the story takes place after season 6.) And also, I do not own the Chinese movie franchise Ip man or My Little Pony, everything belongs to their rightful owners. And the coverart I am using for my new story also belongs to its rightful owner.

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Ip man is why USA, and really the wold, has mixed martial arts. Is something similar going to happen in equestria?

Haven't you watched Ip man 4? He was in America to introduce Chinese martial arts and to help his son find a school. And yes, Barton Geddes will be working with a familiar enemy to conquer Equestria.

heh, no, and I didn't know they made more than one movie either. I was not specifically referencing any movie, just what happened in history...

Okay, but Ip man's history is interesting even in the four movies.

Following for now, funny enough i just started watching Ip man on Netflix.

Cool, and is it an awesome movie?

it just made me wanna learn Wing Chun, besides he is the most chill motherfucker i've ever seen.

Yeah, he defeated ten karate black belts, a British boxer and challenged Mike Tyson. And the fourth movie was very touching.

Short but good.
Waiting for more.

Thank you. And which was your favourite part of the chapter?

Awesome chapters, you are doing an amazing job, I can't wait to read to next one.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Thank you very much. And which part of the chapter do you find it intriguing?

Ah one again you fail to disappoint me my friend This was a good and interestingly chapter with barton captured and Sombra back as the evil man or pony behind the seen this is going to be fun
From you. friend and a fan faceless shadow
ps nice to be back and see you again

Thank you very much:twilightsmile: and also, have you watched any Ip man movies before?

Yes but my mom showed me it win I was 4 so I'm going to wach them now

Yeah you should. All of them as very narly, and the fourth and final one made me cry.

"Karate beats Chinese kung fu." Barton said as he raised his left hand and attempted to punch him again. But then, a magic blast was fired at his chest and he was sent flying into the distance.

I not sure, I mean it really depends on how good you are at the martial art.

Yeah, obviously. That's one of the conflicts they had in the fourth and final movie.

Are thay just going to ignore the fact that Barton just attack them without knowing anything like there not even going to bring him with them for questions well besides that is a pretty good story they were a couple grammar mistakes but I ain't picky about that anyways it's an awesome chapter

Thank you, and sorry about the grammar, I wrote too fast in the chapter. And also, the force of Twilight's magic must've knocked Barton out, so don't worry.

So that don't bring the soldier with them for questioning like you said if you was knocked out so want to be a good idea to bring him questionnaire him to figure out why he attacked

It'll instigate in the next chapter. And did you find it normal that Thorax hates Ip man because he is a human?

Well he is a changeling so is possible he found out of the Forum and I'm talking about maybe hundreds of thousands of years ago improbable but possible but I like to see where you go with this and sorry for the nagging of a soldier I'm just a little bit too into this to finish this off stay awesome my friend and remember not to rush

I know, and thank you for your suggestion.

Ok, im packing prologue and this chapter together. Here are some things i noticed that you could improve on, 1- The Sparring between Ip and The American, unless you are going for a transcription from a movie line or something, steer clear of the Illegal line, not only it is loaded with political views, it doesent seem to match the time period. 2 - Dialogue, there seems to be some moments of "over-explaning", for example Pharynx monologue while collecting herbs seemed overworked, like he was thinking not to himself but to the reader as well, making it unnatural, further on you made a fight scene, a pov, then both meeting, it doesnt flow that well since the monologue doesnt really add much, 3 - Characterization, something oticeble from a previous fic is that you dont seem to pinpoint a character personality, at the Beginning Pharynx thinks "my brother thorax", "my brother" paints a lovely affection towards a sibling, sure they do care about each other but Pharynx is more a rough around the edges so he wouldnt be that "expressive", outside of those just some grammar errors that you could re-work. Again i ony do this cause there is potential here and i want you to improve on your writing.

Again, 2 in 1 here, 1 - you went from a fight chapter to another fight chapter, besides the little exposition about Alistair, it was "i got my ass kicked, go kick it back" quoting Stan Lee, "having a monster destroying things for pages becomes boring", the point of a crossover is having the guest react and interact in diferent ways to the new enviroment, and vice-versa, 2 - suspension of disbelief, the guard fight was ok, but the report afterwards was pretty rushed, even if Ipman was captured Thorax and Twilight would learn how it went down, so them saying it attacked unprovoked comes out as a pretty lazy lie, 3 - Dialogue, "The Four of", "shocked", "my son" again over explaining, you use these too much, 4 - pacing the ending was good but you put too much pauses in it, jumping from one POV to the next in such a short time makes it look like you are trying to prolong the chapter artificially. Again wanting you to improve.

Twilight has found a human. she nows wat a human is

"A human? I hope this one will be cool." Said Rainbow Dash.

"I just hope that this one is less violent." Fluttershy said quietly.

The fust thing that came to mind is hunk you did say you mite make a sequel soon may not be but a reference or perhaps they're in the same universe or a hint
Anyway good chapter and stay awesome and don't Rush till next time my friend

Yes, this will be a hint of my upcoming sequel I have for my HUNK story.


Twilight has found a human. she nows wat a human is

Yes, she does know what a human is, she and her husband Thorax read books about the universe after they were married.

I know, I rushed a bit because I have lots of work to do at home.

I know, I won't rush next time. I was a little too carried away.

And I apologize if you don't understand Chinese.


Ipman was captured Thorax and Twilight would learn how it went down.

Well, Ip man is a more peaceful and kind human compared to Barton. Like if you watched the Ip man movie franchise from one all the way to four, you can see that he cares for his pupils and other grandmasters, but he will resort to violence or self defence if someone tries to attack him.
And the reason I had him coorporating with Twilight and Alistair is because they are very kind just like all of his pupils in the movies.

Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss * cough cough * I mean yay

Like this one it pushes the interest to the next chapter stay awesome my friend

Ok first of all, how did Rainbow even think about taking on Ip man was ok?

Secondly, there is a Character from Tekken 7 that is based off of the master.

Thank you very much, and did you think that Rainbow Dash was very impulsive challenging a Chinese grandmaster?

Oh yeah there is. He is almost as similar to Ip man's wing chun skills. And Chinese martial arts are very fast.

Be for you pick a fight test your enemy and well she was just seeing how he is

Yeah, maybe. And that was another hint to my upcoming HUNK story sequel. And now for my final step, I just need to pick up a good title for it.

Wow thorax is kind of a dick you would think that the reformed changelings were a nice ones but no
Any way good cheape even if nothing happens it explains some things say awesome my friend

I agree with you on that. Like if was being a dick to me, I would have given him a ass whooping.

Thank you, and did you find it funny that Ip man punched Pinkie in the face?

It is because he still views Ip man as an enemy.

1 I find that pinkie getting punched is something of a oh that just happened
2 if all people or pony in this case could understand that having a bad history or bad kind does it mean you have to be bad it would be thorax cuz he is a changeling no the creatures that have been known to suck out Other's Love said to be the most vile creature of them all so if he's acting like that he's kind of a dick

Yeah I agree. Maybe one day Thorax will understand that Ip man is a kind human.

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