• Published 17th Jan 2020
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Ip man adventure in Equestria - Timothy1509

The legendary grandmaster Ip man finds himself in Equestria during his battle against Barton Geddes.

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Pinkie was the first to react when she saw the human, she quickly got off her speed and ran up to the human in an incredible speed which made Ip man jump.


Pinkie wasn't able to finish her sentence when Ip man punched her in the face, and the force of his punch sent Pinkie flying at the other side of the room and crashing into a bookshelf.

Everypony in the room gasped in horror when they saw the human injuring Pinkie.

"Oh! I'm so sorry miss-"

"It's alright." Pinkie said as she got up from the broken bookshelf "I always do that, so it's normal."

"Okay." Ip man sighed in relief, then he entered the meeting room.

Thorax then stood up from his chair and glared at Ip man.

"Who gave you authorization to enter our meeting room?" Thorax asked with so much hatred towards Ip man "And how could you say something so mean to my wife?"

Twilight then placed her wings on her husband's head and rubbed him, and Thorax began to take some deep breaths.

"Honey calm down." Twilight said softly "Besides, we can give the human a chance right?" She asked as she gave him some puppy eyes.

When Thorax saw his wife's eyes, he bregrudingly had to force himself to sigh and talk nicely to the human, but before he did that, he gave his wife a gentle nuzzle.

"Okay Twily, I'll give the human a chance." Thorax said with a warm smile.

"Thank you." Twilight said as she kissed her husband on the cheek for five seconds, then she released and they both chuckled.

Thorax then looked at Ip man.

"Please take a seat mister Ip man."

Ip man nodded and took a seat right next to the orange pony with a cowboy hat. Celestia then looked at the human and began to introduce herself to him.

"Hello there human, my name is Celestia." She introduced herself "And I am the ruler of Equestria along with my sister." She said as she pointed at Luna and Luna waved at him. She then introduced the rest of the elements of harmony including Spike and Thorax. She started with Applejack first and Spike last.

"Nice to meet all of you." Ip man said bowing.

"Anyways." Thorax said getting to the point "We'd like to ask you some questions mister Ip man."

"Sure, go ahead."

"Okay, here's my first question. Where are you from?"

"I am from Hong Kong in Earth."

Everypony in the room got baffled by that name.

"Hong Kong? Earth?" Rainbow Dash and Applejack asked in unison. "What is it like?"

"Well, it's more of a big city with apartments and shops, unlike this place."

"Okay, here's my question mister Ip man." Said Twilight "What do you do?"

"Well, I teach my pupils." He replied.

"So your a teacher?" Celestia asked.

"I am a teacher miss Celestia." Ip man said with a nod "I teach Chinese Kung Fu, Chinese martial arts called the wing chun." He said, and everypony got baffled again.

"So your like a gymnast?" Twilight asked raising an eyebrow.

"Yes." Ip man replied with a nod "Something like that."

Thorax found something oddly suspicious about Ip man's voice. It was like he doesn't speak Equestrian.

"Mister Ip man, I just found out that your having a hard time speaking our language." He told him "Do you speak other types of human languages?" He asked.

"Yes mister Thorax." Ip man replied with a nod "I speak Cantonese and Chinese, one is a language and the other is a dialect."

Everypony was surprised when they heard that, and Twilight wrote down a script about the human martial artist.

"I have a question mister Ip man." Rainbow Dash said.

"Yes?" Ip man asked looking at her.

"Are there other human martial artists like you?" She asked "Like the more mature and aggressive fighting types?"

"There is actually." Ip man replied with a nod "There are around nine Chinese martial artists like me, but they teach other types of Chinese martial arts."

"For example?"

"Hung Kuen, Tai chi, Kung Fu, Eagle claw..." Ip man tried to remember some more but his memory was a bit foggy not because of his cancer sickness, but because of the rough landing in the forest from the portal that mysteriously appeared in the sparring area.

"Sorry, I don't remember that much. After my arrival."

"Oh, okay."

"Okay, let's get to the point." Thorax said "How did you get here mister Ip man?" He asked.

"It's a little complicated but I can describe what happened." He said "I was having a sparring match with an American soldier in the military base, when we were half way through the match, a mysterious portal appeared in the sparring area and it sucked me and him in, and that's how I got here." He finished.

Everypony were very perplexed when they heard that he got here from a portal, they didn't do any magic spells. Thorax was going to ask Ip man some more questions, but a small voice stopped him.

Everypony in the room turned around and looked forward and saw Alistair standing at the entrance of the meeting room holding his teddy bear and rubbing his tired eyes.

Spike was the first to react, he got of his seat and ran up to Alistair and giving him a brotherly hug.

"Alistair!" Spike smiled "How's my little brother doing?"

"I'm doing great big brother Spike." Alistair said hugging his older brother.

"Alistair, your suppost to be in bed." Twilight said as she got off her seat and walked up to her son.

"I know mommy but, all of you were being too loud with your meeting." Alistair said yawning.

"Oh, umm... sorry about that baby." Twilight said as she lifted her son up "I'll get you back to bed right now." She said as she walked to Alistair's bedroom.

Thorax was going ask the human some more questions. But he saw that it was getting late.

"Alright everypony, we'll end the meeting here, feel free to stay in the guest room's." Thorax said in a generous tone.

The ponies nodded and got off their seats, after that, they began to walk to the guest room's.

"You should follow them mister Ip man, maybe you can find a guest room as well." Thorax said as he walked past him.

"Okay." Ip man said as he got off his seat "Thank you ve-"

Ip man wasn't able to finish his sentence when Thorax glared at him again.

"And you better not break anything with your kung fu." He growled, after that, he returned to his and his wife's bedroom.

"Sure." Ip man said quietly. After that, he began to follow the ponies to the guest room's.

Author's Note:

Another chapter finished! I hope you all enjoyed it!