• Published 17th Jan 2020
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Ip man adventure in Equestria - Timothy1509

The legendary grandmaster Ip man finds himself in Equestria during his battle against Barton Geddes.

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Concerning humans

Twilight and Alistair were almost back at the changeling hive with Ip man behind them.

"Just a few more steps Mr Ip man." Twilight told him.

"Okay." Ip man replied with a nod.

After they walked through a bush, they have returned to the changeling kingdom. But to Ip man, it was a giant beehive looking country.

"Here's our home." Alistair said looking at Ip man.

"Wow, that's a big country." Ip man said with an opened jaw "This is even taller than my home in Hong Kong." He added.

Twilight then walked up to the gates and pushed them opened letting her, her son and Ip man in.

Once they were in, Twilight was casually guiding Ip man to her, her husband's and her son's throne room. While they were walking, Alistair noticed that many of his subjects were starring at Ip man with shocked and petrified expressions, some parents pulled their drones close to them. When Ip man noticed all of the glances he received, he disregarded all of them and continued to follow the two horses he met in forest closely.

"Sorry about all of the glances you are receiving mister Ip man, me, my mother and my father's subjects always gets feart when they see and meet a new creature." Alistair told him quietly with an apologetic expression.

"It's okay." Ip man said looking at the changelicorn prince with a smile "I can tolerate it. And I can also abide with their decisions whether they are scared of me or not." He finished.

"Okay." Alistair shrugged "But still, I hope one day you will find your stay here very pleasant, because our services here can make you feel very approved." He finished with a warm smile.

"We'll see." Ip man shrugged.

"Oh and also, can I ask you a question mister Ip man?" Alistair asked.

"Sure, go ahead little one."

"Okay, here's my question. What was with that other creature that you saved me from? Why was he more inclined to violence while you are more inclined to peace?" Alistair asked raising an eyebrow.

"Well, here's my answer. That other creature that tried to attack you was a very angry and aggressive soldier." Ip man told him which made Alistair hug his mother in fear "But me, I am a more calmer creature, I show no signs of hatred or aggressions to my enemies."

"That's good to hear." Alistair said sighing in relief.

"Be ready mister Ip man, you are going to meet my husband soon." Twilight told him while placing her hooves on the two large doors.

Ip man took a deep breath and said "Okay, I'm ready. And I hope that your husband will not see me as a threat."

"Of course he won't, he is very nice and kind." Twilight told him.

After that, she pushed the throne room doors opened and stepped in with Ip man behind her and her son. Once they were in, Ip man took a quick glance around the room and saw that it was really big, he then looked on front of him and saw a light green bug looking creature sitting on a throne, Ip man must assume that the light green bug was the husband of Twilight Sparkle and the father of Alistair.

When Thorax saw his wife and son, he spread his shelled wings and glided to the floor and to at their location, he then gave his wife a warm nuzzle.

"Twily, Alistair. You two had me worried sick."

"We're okay honey." Twilight said nuzzling her husband.

"Yeah daddy." Alistair said as he got off of his mother's back and hugged his front left hoof "We encountered a new creature in the everfree forest, and it saved me." Alistair told his father as he pointed his right hoof at Ip man.

Thorax then looked in front of him and saw a two legged creature in a black cloth. And he gave him an angry glare which made Ip man take a small step back.

"I wasn't expecting a human to have saved my son!" Thorax said with so much hatred towards Ip man which made his son baffled.

"What do you mean daddy?"

"Alistair, this creature belongs to the most vile and dominant species I know about called humans!" Thorax said again in anger. Then Twilight stepped in front of her husband.

"Now now Thory, you can't do this. This human has just saved our son's life in the everfree forest from another one of his kind, and that proves that he is not barbaric." Twilight said defending Ip man.

Thorax then took a quick glance at the human again. When Ip man noticed the King starting at him, he began to introduce himself.

"Hello there sir, my name is Ip man I am-"

"Do not cause any trouble here human, because if you do. My guards will put you in the dungeon." Thorax warned him. After that, he walked away from the throne room.

Twilight then gave Ip man an apologetic expression.

"Sorry about that event mister Ip man, my husband is sometimes a little grumpy when he meets a cruel and evil creature." Said Twilight.

"Its alright miss Twilight Sparkle. I can understand why he sees me as a threat, we humans are sometimes murderous monsters in the past." He chuckled.

"I know, but some of you are innocent." Twilight assured him, and Ip man replied with a shrug.

Twilight then looked at the clock and saw that it was 3:00pm, and it was time for Alistair's afternoon sleep.

"Oh, it's 3:00pm now." Twilight said, she then looked at her son "Come on sweetie, it's time for your afternoon sleep." Twilight told her son in a soft voice, but Alistair frowned.

"But mommy, I'm not tired." Alistair whined.

"Come on sweetie pie." Twilight said as she lifted her son up with her hooves "You need enough rest for tomorrow because we have a huge meeting with our pony and changeling subjects." She told him with nuzzling.


"That's my son." Twilight said as she kissed her son on his forehead.

She then turned around and looked at Ip man.

"Make yourself at home mister Ip man, and feel free to explore our kingdom for as long as you want." Twilight told him in a polite tone.

"Okay, I will." Ip man said with a nod.

Twilight smiled and walked past him, and began to bring her son to his room for his afternoon sleep.

"好的. (Alright.)" Ip man sighed "我想探索这个地方对我来说并没有什么害处,老实说,这个宝座比我回到香港的房子还大. (I guess it wouldn't hurt for me to explore this place, and to be honest, this throne room is bigger than my home back in Hong Kong.)" He finished while looking around the throne room with an amazed expression. After that, he exited the throne room and began to explore the changeling kingdom.

Author's Note:

Another chapter finished! I hope you all enjoyed it!