• Published 17th Jan 2020
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Ip man adventure in Equestria - Timothy1509

The legendary grandmaster Ip man finds himself in Equestria during his battle against Barton Geddes.

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Grandmaster vs guards

"Uggh! My head, what happened?" Barton grunted as he slowly opened his eyes, once his visions were clear, he saw that he was locked up in some sort of prison with a wooden door in front of him.

"Is this a prison?" Barton asked observing his surroundings, and he saw that he was indeed in a prison.

Before he could stand up, he heard a male voice.

"It's awake."

Then the wooden door in front of him opened and Barton saw what looks to be like a green coloured horse wearing a mask and dark armour, it then communicated with him.

"Come with us and meet our king." It said.

Barton was traumatized when he heard the horse speaking English.

When the pony saw that the creature wasn't obeying, he then extended his right hoof towards it and tried to grab it by its arm and force it to come with him.

When Barton noticed the grapple attempt, he pushed the horses hoof away and kicked it in the face, and the force of it's kick made the horse fly into the distance and crashing into a wall. After that, he pushed himself back up and attempted to escape but then his whole body was paralyzed by a dark magic.

"What the hell?" Barton said looking down.

"Well well, looks like you are awake Mr human." Said a deep voice.

When Barton heard the voice, he looked in front of him and saw a dark figure with green glowing eyes walking towards him, once the figure got close, Barton saw a very unique creature, it's body was made of metal, it had sharp teeth, a red cape and what looks to be like a unicorn horn.

"I'm sorry but who the hell are you?" Barton asked.

"Oh sorry, where are my manners?" The creature chuckled evily, he then released his hold on him and Barton fell on the rocky ground "Kneel before me Mr human, my name is King Sombra and I am your boss."

12:30am in the changeling hive, a four years old hybrid pony and changeling alicorn or changelicorn Prince named Alistair was playing hide and seek with his father Thorax and mother Twilight Sparkle, and Alistair was hiding in his room inside his large toy box, and his parents were looking for him.

"Oh Alistair, come out come out wherever you are." Thorax said looking around the room with his wife Twilight.

"Oh Alistair, once your mommy and daddy finds you, we will give you a large tickle." Twilight chuckled with a grin.

Inside the toy box, Alistair was sitting on his large teddy bear with his tiny hooves covering his mouth trying not to laugh so hard while his parents were looking for him. But suddenly, he accidentally made a tiny noise while in his toy box and that made him gasp.

After a while, his toy box was pulled opened and Alistair saw his parents.

"Found you Alistair!" Thorax laughed as he lifted his son up from his toy box with his magic, he then laid him on his carpet and began to tickle him along with his mother.

"Hahahahahaha!" Alsitair laughed.

"No point in running away now My adorable son!" Twilight laughed as well while tickling him on top of her husband's back.

But unexpectedly, Alistair teleported away and landed on top of his mother's back which made her fall on top of his father.

"Ooof!" The two of them grunted.

"Hahahahaha! I win again mommy and daddy!" Alistair laughed and his parents laughed as well.

Thorax then slightly moved Twilight's head to the right so that she could look at him. And when Twilight saw her husband, she blushed softly along with him, they then inched their heads closer to each other.

When Alistair saw that his parents were about to kiss each other again, he immediately shielded his eyes with his hooves.

Thorax and Twilight then pushed their lips together and kissed which made some smootching and moaning noises loud enough for their son to hear which made him blush. After fifteen seconds, they released and looked at each other with huge blushes.

"You are beautiful as always my Queen." Thorax said softly.

Twilight giggled and licked her husband on the cheek.

"And you are always very handsome my King." Twilight said in a cute voice. She then inched herself close to his face again and tried to kiss him again but Thorax ceased her by placing his hoof on her lips and that made Twilight perplexed.

"What's wrong honey?" Twilight asked in a cute voice.

"Twily, our son is watching." Thorax chuckled.

Twilight then looked at her back and saw her son shielding his eyes. She then blushed embarrassingly and got off her husband. After that, she lifted her son up from her back and nuzzled him.

"Sorry about the uncomfortable situation there sweetie." Twilight said as she kissed her son on his forehead.

Alistair then removed his hooves away from his eyes and looked at his mother with a smile.

"It's okay mommy." Alistair chuckled.

Then a male changeling guard opened Alistair's bedroom door and saluted when he saw the king.

"King Thorax."

Thorax then stood up and walked up to the guard.

"What's the problem sir?" Thorax asked.

"King Thorax, your big brother Pharynx was found injured in the forest."

Thorax's eyes widened when he heard that.

"Uncle Pharynx is injured?" Alistair asked with a shocked expression.

"How is he?" Thorax asked.

"He has some minor injuries, I'll show you in the hospital come on." The guard said as he lead Thorax to the changeling hive hospital with his wife Twilight and son Alistair following him.

Changeling hive hospital

In the changeling hive hospital, Pharynx was lying on his hospital bed with a long white bandage wrapped around his chest and a small bandage stuck on his muzzle.

Then his hospital room door opened and Pharynx saw his brother Thorax, Twilight and nephew Alistair, and they all gasped in horror when they saw his condition.

"Uncle Pharynx! Are you okay?" Alistair asked looking at his uncle on his bed.

"I'm okay kiddo." Pharynx replied with a chuckle "Just a few bruises on my chest and a stinging muzzle." He finished with a grunt.

"Pharynx, who did this to you?" Thorax asked.

"It was a creature I have never seen before in the everfree forest." Pharynx said, he then began describing it "It stood on two legs like Spike, it wore a black coloured coat, it had fur on it's head and looks really skilled."

"A two legged creature? What could it be?" Twilight asked perplexed.

"Could it be a new type of animal?" Alistair asked.

"Whatever it is, it will pay for it's crime against my brother." Thorax growled, he then turned around and looked at the guard.

"Sir, I want you to gather some of your men and find the creature in the everfree forest." Thorax said.

"Yes, my King." The guard saluted. After that he exited the hospital room and gathered three of his comrade. They then exited the changeling hive and began to look for the creature in the everfree forest.

In the everfree forest, Ip man was still wandering around trying to look for civilization, but he still couldn't find anyone.

"这里甚至没有一个人吗? (Is there even a single person here?)" Ip man asked himself while looking around the forest.

But before he could advance forward, he heard a male voice behind him.

"You there halt!"

When Ip man heard the voice, he slowly turned around and saw what looks to be like four bug looking creatures walking towards them, and they were armed with spears, then one of them talked to him.

"You! Are you the creature who attacked Pharynx?"

Ip man raised an eyebrow when he heard that name, he doesn't knows who this Pharynx was. He then tried to communicate with it.

"Um... who is this Pharynx?"

"No more chitchatting, Blue, arrest this creature." The bug ordered his comrade.

"Roger that." Blue said with a nod.

He then pulled out some cuffs and began to walk to the creature. But before he could place the cuffs on him, the creature side kicked him in the chest which made him crash into a tree knocking him out in the process.

The three other changeling guards were shocked when they saw their fallen comrade, they then glared at the creature.

"Get him!" Then the three changelings charged towards the creature and Ip man got into a stance.

The first changeling attempted to poke his chest with his spear, when Ip man noticed the attack, he grabbed the tip of the spear and yanked it away from it's hooves and smacked it in the face with it's back which made the guard fall roughly on the ground with a bleeding muzzle.

The second changeling began to engage in combat with the creature. He swung his right hoof back and attempted to punch the creature in the chest. When Ip man noticed the attack, he used the spear as a staff weapon and smacked the changeling in the face. The force of his hit bruised the changeling's face and sent it crashing towards another tree knocking it out in the process.

The final changeling was very infuriated when he saw the creature taking down his comrades. He then charged towards it with his right hoof swung back, when Ip man noticed the attack, he dropped the spear on the ground and blocked the bugs attack with his wrist, he then grabbed it by the face and pushed him to th ground. After that, he delivered some excruciating punches to it's face. And the force of his punches made the bug grunt in pain and it also gave him a bleeding muzzle. After ten more punches, he ceased his attack and released the bug and saw that he gave him a bleeding face.

"All of you lose." Ip man said. After that, he turned around and walked deeper into the forest hoping to find some civilization.

Author's Note:

I hope you all enjoyed this chapter! It was very intense! And also, I do not own the character Alistair. He belongs to Percy-McMurphy on deviantart.
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