• Published 17th Jan 2020
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Ip man adventure in Equestria - Timothy1509

The legendary grandmaster Ip man finds himself in Equestria during his battle against Barton Geddes.

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In a forest

"Uggh... what happened?" Ip man moaned as he slowly opened his eyes, but he felt a sharp pain in his head which made him grunt and place his right hand on his forehead.

"I didn't even take any cigarettes yesterday." Ip man moaned as he opened his eyes. He then saw that he was in a place filled with trees, rocks and grass which made him disorientate.

Ip man then slowly placed his hands behind him and pushed himself back up on his feet, after that, he began to observe his surroundings and saw that he was in a forest considering the trees and rocks around the place, and the grass that he was standing on.

"Is this a forest?" Ip man asked himself in perplextion. But then, he remembered that he wasn't the only one who got sucked into the portal.

"Wait a minute, I wasn't the only one who got sucked into the portal, who else was with me?" Ip man said as he began to think, then he came to a realization "Barton Geddes! He was with me, I must find him." Ip man said as he walked through the forest, but he doesn't knows where to start.

"Maybe there is civilization here?" Ip man thought "I hope my assumption will be right, cause I don't want to wander in this forest alone without any assistant." He finished as he walked in the forest.

On the other side of the forest, a dark green coloured changeling named Pharynx was in the everfree forest picking up some herbs for the hive to make some tea for the King, Queen, Prince and the changelings. He picked each one at a time and placed them in a plastic bag, after he placed one more, he noticed that the bag was full and he nodded to himself satisfied.

"All of these herbs will be decent for the hive's changelings, my brother Thorax, the Queen Twilight and my little Prince nephew." Pharynx said with a smile, he then placed the plastic bag in his satchel and stood up.

"Alright, back to the hive." Pharynx said as he began to walk back to the hive, but a rattling sound from behind stopped him.

"What was that?" Pharynx said as he turned around.

He then walked towards the source of the sound and saw a bipedal creature in the distance.

"What is that?" Pharynx asked as he walked closer to the creature to get a better look at it.

Once he got closer, he hid behind a bush and began to analyse the creature. It was wearing a dark coat, it stood on two legs like Spike, it had some claws, and had fur on its head.

"What is that thing?" Pharynx said in confusion "I've never seen a creature like him before in Equestria."

Pharynx wasn't able to finish studying the creature when it turned it's head to his direction which made him hide in the bush. After ten more seconds, Pharynx slowly poked his head upwards and saw that the creature was walking further into the forest.

"I must follow it, maybe my brother Thorax knows what he is since he read books about the universe." Pharynx said as he got out of his hiding place and snaekily followed the creature.

Ip man was observing the forest while walking to see if there was any civilization here, but he didn't even find a town or a single person, and that made him jumbled.

"This is definitely weird, why is there no civilization here? There were lots of immigrants in America." Ip man thought in his head in confusion.

But then, he heard a rattling and growling sound behind him. He slowly turned around and saw two glowing green eyes coming towards him, when Ip man saw the glowing green eyes, he tried to communicate whoever was there.

"Um... hello? Is someone there?"

When the green glow came closer, he got a clear look at who was there and he found something quite unique. He saw a wooden wolf, and it was very hungry.

"Is that a wooden wolf?"

Ip man wasn't able to study the wolf when it ran up towards him and lunged itself at him trying to eat his face off.

When Ip man noticed the attack, he ducked his body and the wolf crashed face first into a tree. Ip man then turned around and saw the wolf fully recovering and growling angrily at him.

"與它交流毫無意義 (There's no point in communicating with it.)" Ip man said as he placed his stretched his right arm and placed his left hand on his chest level.

The wooden wolf then lunged at Ip man again, and tried to bite his face off again. But it turned out to be a futile idea when the creature punched it in the snout which made it fall on it's back. When Ip man saw an opening area on it, he walked towards the wooden wolf and delivered some excruciating and fast punches to its chest which made it whimper in pain. He then finished it by kicking it which sent him flying towards a tree.

The wolf slowly stood up again and glanced at the creature, and the wolf saw it giving him a look of concern to him while in that strange stance. The wooden wolf then turned around and ran back into the forest while whimpering in fear.

Ip man then lowered his arms and stood back up straight again.

"Well that was easy, now time to resume on finding civilization." Ip man said as he continued walking deeper into the forest.

Pharynx has saw the whole event while hiding behind a tree, and that action has made him shocked.

"Oh my, I must investigate this creature furthermore." Pharynx thought as he got out of his hiding spot again and continued to follow it.

When Ip man was casually walking in the forest while seeing if there was any civilization, he heard some rattling noises behind him, he must assume that someone was following him.

"好像有人在跟着我 (Looks like someone is following me.)" Ip man thought as he continued to walk casually and waited for the attacker to get closer to him.

Once the rattling noises got louder and closer, Ip man felt like someone was going to touch his back. He then turned around and palm striked his attacker in the face.


Ip man assumed that the attacker was a male, he then looked at his attacker and saw that it was a dark green bug looking creature standing there while holding its nose.

"What is that?" Ip man asked himself quietly.

Then creature then removed it's hooves away from it's nose and starred at the creature with a vexed expression.

"Why you! Your going to pay for that!" The creature yelled as it charged at Ip man with his right hoof swung back, and Ip man immediately got into a stance.

Once Pharynx closed his distance between himself and the creature, he then attempted to punch it, but he was met with a palm strike to his muzzle.


Ip man then walked up to the creature again, when Pharynx saw the creature walking towards him, he attempted to punch it but the creature managed to block his attack. The creature then sent two punches to it's face which made him grunt in pain. Ip man then finished the bug by front kicking it in the chest, and the force of his kick made the bug crash into a tree knocking it out in the process and giving him a bleeding nose.

"他一定是个非常脆弱的生物. 那不是我最强劲的单曲. (Huh, he must be a very fragile creature. That wasn't even my strongest hit.)" He thought surprised.

"I should get out of here." Ip man said as he turned around and walked deeper into the forest. "I hope I can find civilization soon, and I also hope that I can find Barton soon." He finished with hope.

Author's Note:

The second chapter finished! I hope you all enjoyed it! And I hope you all don't mind me using Chinese words.