• Published 17th Jan 2020
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Ip man adventure in Equestria - Timothy1509

The legendary grandmaster Ip man finds himself in Equestria during his battle against Barton Geddes.

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U.S marine's training headquarters

In the U.S marine's training headquarters, a military marine named Barton Geddes and a Chinese Wing chun grandmaster named Ip man were squarring off in a hand to hand combat match to prove if Chinese Kung Fu is more effective in a combat situation, and Barton was having more of an upper hand in fighting Ip man.

"Hiyah!" Barton yelled as he slammed Ip man on the floor.

"Oof." Ip man grunted, he was severly injured.

Barton then stood up and looked at Ip man with a proud look, because he has defeated another Chinese person.

"Is that it?" Barton asked. "Is this how good your Chinese Kung Fu is?"

Ip man tried to get up but he soon met an excruciating pain in his stomach.

"Your pathetic." Barton scoffed "You and your Chinese friends are nothing but a bag of trash in the junkyard!" Barton insulted which enraged staff sergeant Hartman.

Ip man wasn't going to give up that easily, he slowly placed both of his hands on the floor and slowly pushed himself up on his feet. After he has done that, he extended in left hand forward in front of him and placed his right hand next to it telling him that he wasn't going to give up and leave that easily.

"Master Ip man." Staff sergeant Hartman said while looking at him with a perturbed expression.

"So you want to resume on getting yourself beaten up by me old man?" Barton asked "Just face it, your Chinese martial art is no match for my karate!" He insulted with a chuckle.

"It's not about which is the best sir. It's about how good we're using them." Ip man told him.

"Cut the talking! Let's continue!" Barton yelled as he charged up towards Ip man and attempted to sidekick him in the face, but Ip man was able to block the attack with his wrist.

Barton then attempted to punch him in the face, but again Ip man was able to counter the attack with his wrist.

Ip man then attempted to knife hand him across the face, but his arm was grappled by Barton's right hand, Barton then landed a kick to his chest which made Ip man grunt but he was still able to keep his balance.

Ip man then freed himself by kicking Barton in the face and it was a direct hit. And Barton staggered backwards.

Barton then gently touched his face and felt a little pain, he must assume that the Chinese grandmaster has bruised his face. He then starred at Ip man with an enraged expression.

"You are gonna pay for that you bastard." Barton growled, but Ip man ignored his remark.

"You think you are so cool with your Chinese martial arts?" Barton asked "We Americans don't follow any of you illegal aliens, it is you all who will be following us." He said.

"Your deranged." Ip man said.

"Shut up!" Barton yelled "I am a leader! Not a coward!" He finished as he stomped on the floor.

Barton then charged up at him and attempted to back kick him in the chest, when Ip man noticed the attack, he blocked it with his elbow and the two fighters were sent sliding a few feet back, but they managed to prevent their fall by pushing their foots upwards.

Barton charged forward again and attempted to hit the Chinese martial artist with a flying kick to his chest. When Ip man noticed the attack, he grabbed his front leg and slammed him on the ground which made Barton grunt in pain again.


Barton then kicked himself back up and he glared at Ip man again.

"Master Ip man you can do this!" Staff Sergeant Hartman cheered.

"That's it! No more playing around!" Barton yelled enraged.

"That is what you get for being resentful and racist!" Hartman insulted.

"Shut up staff sergeant Hartman!" Barton looked at him, he then looked back at Ip man with the same enraged expression "It's time to settle this once and for all!" He shouted as he got into another battle stance. And Ip man got into the same stance he was before.

But before the two masters could move forward, a mysterious purple portal randomly appeared on their right which shocked Ip man, Barton, staff sergeant Hartman and the rest of the soldiers.

"What the hell is that?" Barton asked while looking at the portal.

"I have no idea." Staff sergeant Hartman said with a disorientate expression.

Barton then slowly walked forward and carefully inspected the portal.

"Is this some sort of cartoon?" Barton asked himself quietly.

But suddenly, the portal got a bit longer which shocked him. Ip man knew what was going to happen next in his mind, he then wasted no time and ran towards Barton.

"Get away from it!"


Then the portal began to suck everything in the training headquarters.

"Grab on to something!" Staff sergeant Hartman told the marines.

The marines did what Hartman said and ran back and grabbed onto something strong, some grabbed onto metal poles, some grabbed onto the doors and some grabbed onto the long stools.

Staff sergeant Hartman tried to turn his head back and see if grandmaster Ip man and Barton was okay, but the portal prevented him from doing that and made him focus on clinging onto the metal pole. Instead he tried to call him.

"Ip man!" He yelled "Grandmaster Ip man! Barton! Are you two okay?!" He finished, but he got no response.

After thirty seconds, everything returned back to normal and all of the soldiers including some of the training quareters training equipments rained down on the floor, and some soldiers grunted in pain.

Hartman slowly stood up and began to check on all of the soldiers.

"Is everyone okay?" Hartman asked looking at all of the soldiers.

"I'm okay sir!" One of the soldiers replied.

"I'll live." Another said in a pained voice.

Hartman then looked at the sparring ground and saw that both Ip man and Barton have disappeared.

"Grandmaster Ip man! Barton!" Hartman yelled while looking around but they were nowhere near here. He then tirned around and looked at the rest of the soldiers.

"Guys! Scoop around the place and help me find grandmaster Ip man and Barton!"

Then all of the soldiers stood up.

"Sir! Yes sir!"

Then all of them began to do a sweep in the area to find grandmaster Ip man and Barton.

Author's Note:

The first chapter of my new story has been completed! I hope you all enjoyed it! And each chapters have to be released in quite a bit of time because I still need to think about ideas for it.