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What if being an alicorn was considered being disabled? Or... is being an alicorn... treason?

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You and your dark stories. :twilightsmile:

Simply being an alicorn is a disability/treason? I smell a coup...ponies spreading this sort of propaganda, trying to bring down the royal family...

You should have thought this through better / thought about it more because right now this makes no sense and is 100% forced. This isn't "What if being an alicorn was considered being disabled?", this is "What if Luna randomly and unexplainedly dimension-jumped somewhere where alicorns have like 2 crippling disabilities?" I have to say it again, this makes no sense.

Oh good lordy this is so darkly good lookin. :heart:

Interesting story.

Oh my....
This is dark.. but this fiction has the potential for being an interesting one.
A darker one? or an advanture..?
I don't know.

GJ still

Faving so I can know what happens. It has an interesting potential to it.

The hell am I reading...

Well then, I certainly like the shadowing

So much unexplained!

Looking forward to more. This looks like this is going to be a creepy one indeed.

~Have a good one.

this looks realy good will have to ready later :D:pinkiehappy:

This story is a win/win and well-written. Please continue!

the problem with this AU/dream logic/evil trap is there's no reason Luna and all of them weren't killed as foals

Immortals dying?
Isn't that an oxymoron?

Lyra Why!!!!!!!!!:fluttercry:
Why must you torture Luna like this!

i hope that the queen pony has a Russian accent to go along with the communism/dictator theme that's going on.:derpyderp1:

1125910 As far as I know:
But I might be wrong.

1153969 While that is true, the Alicorns are supposedly immortal, not invincible, meaning they cannot die. They can feel a butt-load of pain and agony, but they are immune to death.

As far as I know. However, there are a bunch of fics on the site that kill off both princesses, so I guess their immortality isn't canon.

I actually have a disability.

Asperger's Syndrome. Categorised under Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).


I can't be bothered to explain it in a comment.

1154952 Well, I often think of them as the Elves in LotR. They are immortal and can feel pain but they can be killed. The way see it, their magic can protect them from death if it's at full or even half power (based on the length of their horns) however if they have their horns shortened below halfway in length or filed down their their foreheads they don't have enough magic to prevent death. It can go both ways though. You could also picture them more like the gods and goddesses of Greek mythology where they could feel pain but not be killed.

Ah, the plot thickens! Celestia is no longer the ruler of Equestria, and the hospital staff are using doublespeak to disguise the fact that Equestria is now under the command of a hateful dictator...

Can't wait for the next chapter!

“I’d rather not go into detail here. It’s painless. As you know, alicorns also lose their sense of pain when their magic interacts with their pegasus bloodline.”

Well, that's obviously a lie. Hmm.

Okay then the story had updated.
That is good.

Hmm... The plot gains a thickness that would rival peanut butter at this point. I eagerly await more.

Somepony who is still loyal...

Do you know how frightening it was for us to no see the moon rise?

I'm sure that "no" should be "not".

Well, the implications presented here... range from unpleasant to downright terrifying. Good job, now i'm wanting another chapter already.

am i missing something or is there just a large amount of time skips?:rainbowhuh:

if they're time skips could they be marked please.:twilightblush:

1613010 I'm a little confused. Could you be more specific?

now that i look back it was only after Luna received the letter.
was their a skip in time after that?

I think that the transition could be better.

1613055 There is no skip in time. I usually start a new chapter or put a line after time skips. :twilightsmile:

1613075 okay i think i may have been confused, never mind.:derpyderp1:
Keep up the good work then:raritywink:

1613093 lol, np. I do tend to confuse my readers, sorry :derpytongue2:

I remember favoriting this a while ago and yet it didn't register... Favorited now.

Write more now, or else I'll come to your house and urinate on your Persian rug.

1866580 Which one? :derpytongue2: hee hee hee. But this might not get updated until I finish False Memory. That one has kinda taken over my creativity now.

Whoa... This goes in my favorites right away.

Sweet, an update.

Is there going to be any attempt to handle Twilicorn? Considering that the plot seems to revolve a bit around the alicorns, and that Twilight has been helpfully offscreen this whole time, it seems like that could be an interesting plot point if used.

2085027 I'm still on the fence. It could definitely work either way. I'm not sure if I would need to change any details and it could definitely make things more interesting. I'm honestly just going to be on the fence until I see the episode. lol

It finally updates after all this time... :pinkiegasp: I'm glad to see this story continue, Typewriter.

Just a couple typos.

Oh, that right,

that's. There's possession here.

“It’s bee a long time since


Hurray! A wonderful update!

Nice to see another chapter after so long.

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