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Not much good at writing. (That sentence looks wrong...) But I keep trying, on the off chance that I might get it right someday. Today is not that day.


What if the alicorns of Equestria aren't just representations of their various aspects, but are in fact, linked to their very existance?

This question had been bouncing around my head, and just kept gathering more and more details until I had to get it out for others to know my suffering.

Look, upon the Desolation of Elysium, and know despair.

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How did this headcanon of yours come to be?

It's not so much a headcanon as it is just a line of thought that I wanted to explore, but it started with the idea of self-perpetuating immortality.
I thought, everything dies eventually, even the sun, but memories, and the love they are attached to, could theoretically live forever in a mind that was protected against decay. Thus, Cadance became the only true immortal alicorn.

EDIT: And I can see we're off to a strong start my first dislike...

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