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could've made new friends

Thank you kindly.

Titles do not have full stops.

Ha! Force of habit, thank you.

or look into call the souls back and put them into new bodys…...

“Many foolishly believe immortality to be a gift...when it is in fact, a curse. Happiness can never truly belong to ones such as us, and many are consumed. Rage, hate, malice, insanity, or some other reason, many get consumed. Rare are the ones with the will and heart to endure such a curse. Even I myself find myself asking what the point is. I am one of the lucky few who have a true purpose to keep me anchored when amongst mortal beings. Pity those who are immortal...for only Time, Fate, and Destiny can tell if they will endure.”

Excerpt - Crimson Chronicles
(Still in Writing Process)

An excellent story that shows and tells the immense difficulty and struggles of being immortal. The above excerpt is one from a book I have been writing. I believe it is a fitting quote.

You have my thanks, I'm glad you liked it.



Thank you kind sir.

this sounds more like a wish twilight would have rather than something that would happen honestly
celestia is far too powerful to be killed so easily. she literally cant die lmao, only contained

I know, right? Or better yet, use her time-scrying spell to copy the souls of her friends from their bodies right before they die, or detach and move them right as they're dying -- as long as it can be a closed time loop, it ought to work. At her level of power, she could make her own afterlife.


Damn, this was dark... very nice work :twilightsmile:.

One question, though:

As the aura blinked out from the aspect of magic's horn, everything became white.

Did Twilight literally blow everyone up here (but herself, of course)?

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