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El Loco Loro

Better late than never, I suppose; I only discovered FIM in December 2018, after all.


Anon, Ponyville's resident human, is enjoying another beautiful day. Well, he's trying to, anyway. Unfortunately, his efforts are thwarted by the actions of Ponyville's resident alligator, Gummy.

Everywhere he goes, Anon is constantly assaulted by the little green menace with a spirit of fury and persistence.

Why is Gummy attacking him? What are his motives? Why is he so hell-bent on Anon's demise? And will Anon's ankles possibly come out of this intact?

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That’s not an alligator.

That’s a


Anon groaned in frustration as Lyra’s snickering soon turned into full-blown laughter. He would’ve made a mental note to strangle her as well, but he figured that trying to assault a unicorn (especially one as crazy as Lyra) would be quite detrimental to his health.

His hands wrapped around her throat?
I think she more than likely would just develop some messed up kink from that as a result... :pinkiecrazy:

No doubt. I've seen her do even stranger things on comic dubs. But hey, that's our Lyra.

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