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hello everyone it's my first time in fimfiction and writing stories so please give lots of support.


Twilight and her friends failed to stop the changeling invasion in the Crystal Empire, now they have been enslaved by the Queen and all of them have to work in the mines. But, a changeling named Thorax who is from the changeling hives fire and rescue and who has a crush on Twilight, can help her escape.

New story! This was another very random one, it's almost similar as my other story https://www.fimfiction.net/story/453198/the-canterlot-junior-fire-brigade and the movie beauty and the beast. So I hope you all will find it enjoyable. And I'm sorry that I couldn't find any good coverarts for my new story.

Also, I do not own My Little Pony, it belongs to Hasbro.

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Sorry, I'm still new okay? I also have some issues to do so I had be very hasty when I'm writing it. And I'm using my phone to write.

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