• Published 13th Jan 2020
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Challenge Accepted - Slam-Manian

Adagio Dazzle issues a challenge. Do you accept?

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Extra Thicc, first

:moustache: it's as thick as it is sublime Slam :pinkiehappy::heart:

Legit probably the only story I've ever shared before reading. Well done, Slam-Manian. Well done.

Do you know the artist? It's for uhh...research.

This story is awesome! Well done!

It's Chigusa. Here's a (broken with xx's) link to his work on Adagio in general-hxxps://derpibooru.org/search?q=artist%3Achigusa%2Cadagio+dazzle
The one you're looking for is easy to find.
(hums "Under Our Spell"):raritywink:

Did you replace the "xx" with "tt" because I just double-checked and it's fine...:unsuresweetie:

Didn't Wwwooorrrrkkkk.

Well then if you're doing what I just said and it still isn't working then I have no clue what could be wrong. What's happening when you try? And what exactly are you doing? Just copying and pasting? Because you might be accidentally copying something extra by accident...

Oh wait, what filter do you have on Derpibooru? If you haven't enabled Mature artwork then you'd see nothing...

I copy paste as best as I could it a extra long link there, i did the double tt and still just takes me to Adagio pics but not that one.

It should be in there, the third pic starting from the top left. Anyway, I guess I'll go with a direct link to the specific picture then:applejackunsure:

“Please,” you request firmly, back straight, chest out, eyes burning passionately, “I want you to be my girlfriend.”

If not, then how about friends with benefits?

“That’s not “caring.” That’s “babysitting.” She clarifies.

And yet you never get paid to do it!

To both your’s and her surprise, you see her face turn red at your claim; however, she quickly spins around, facing away from you, “Geez, just how big of a fuckin’ pervert are you!?”

Well, we were running out of stuff to say good things about you! It's all we ever could come up with!

"So, feel like sacking up or are you gonna chicken out, go home and fap to this delightful moment I’m sure you’ve already stored in your spank bank?”

Don't you mean sperm bank (or if you prefer, "spunk bank")?

Your nose presses against her back door, and you don't falter for a second. You take a whiff, and as you surmise, she smells just as exquisite there as the rest of her. Naturally, Adagio was properly clean; no way a girl of her caliber would leave a single spot of her blemished, dirty, or unkempt. That’s why you waste no time taking a tasty lick of her rosebud. “Oooh, fuck yeah, baby,” she purrs blissfully, “that’s more like it.”

You are a brown-noser!

“Years of practice, sweetness,” she purrs, sitting up and stretching her limbs. “Years of practice.”

Make that a millenia of practice---and hundreds of eloping, sex scandals, rapes and infidelity escapades!

“You did very, very good,” she giggles. “Almost didn’t think you were a virgin.”

Yeeeaaaahhhh, about that...

“Listen,” she says softly, but sternly. Your eyes meet hers. You see, the lust and passion still brimming on the surface, but find something beneath. Something, almost benign but just as powerful. Longing. “I’m not one to mince words, so I want us to have an understanding. I’m not the best when it comes to…relationship material. My longest-standing associations were one-night stands at best, and those were all…compromised by my own hand. You could be with a nice girl. A girl that isn’t notorious for manipulating and mistreating others. I’m fickle, greedy, haughty, and typically self-serving. But still…I…want to try.”

Like you said, can't support your goals or claims without action, right?

I don’t know your life before coming here, but I’m sure you’ve had your reasons for doing the things you’ve done. I know I’d like to know. I’d like to know more about you in general.

Dude, you have NO idea how much she's been through! In fact, she's completely not the same person she used to be! In fact, she's wasn't even born in this world!

“Yeah, Aria ate the last frozen taco,” Sonata cries out, “even though I called it!”
"So what? Your name wasn’t on it,” Aria bit back.

So what, do want her to paste post-it notes with Sonata's name over everything inside the house?!

“You can diddle yourself some other time, this is…” Aria’s comeback quickly dies down as she glares passed her sister towards you, “who da fuck is that?”


“Ohhhhh, new boyfriend?” Sonata giggles as she peered past her peeved sibling to look at you. “He’s cute! Hi!!!” She waves excitedly.

Go get your own mentally challenged f&&k-toy, Sonata!

Aria didn't get to finish her sentence as Adagio grabs her and Sonata by their hair and pulls them towards her. You cringe in your seat as you watch the two girls cry and whimper in your girl's grasp. "Do you have shit in your ears? I just said we finished fucking are trying to relax . Now let me be clear, you chattering whores. I don't care if you do this Russian roulette-style, figure this out yourself. If either of you bothers us again within the next hour, the only thing you both will be eating is the full load cum still in my ass! Am I clear?”

With NO salad ranch dressing!! This, she swears!!

"Aww, that's so cute," she cooed, "you honestly thought I was joking. Listen, honey, you’re new here, so let me tell you, if I were just a tiny bit lenient with them, this place would be utter chaos.”

I thought it was already chaotic

“Yes, you are,” she smiles, knowingly at him. “This body is your responsibility now, remember? You made this mess. You’re gonna clean it up.”

In return, YOU gotta lube his body up clean too!

She takes your hand and leads you towards the bathroom. You did it. Adagio fucking Dazzle is your girlfriend! You didn't just win this challenge. You killed it!

Next challenge: Marrying that ass and having kids with it!

Probably the same people who have beef against my post-ending fanfiction

Mission Accomplished! Sugar Crush!

Most excellent.

Well I'm sold on the picture alone

A true masterpiece

Alright, if I have one criticism; You do that thing every writer does which is make their protagonist a perfect gentleman that has all these cheesy, heartwarming lines. Surely you can branch out, make the guy a sub or something or double down in Adagio being a dominant.

Of course I love the story. Build up AND sex were great.

Dam boi she THICC, bwah!

“I’m okay with that.” You smile genuinely.



This fic:

Its nonexistent sequel: I WANT TO EXIST!!!

This really deserves a lesbian counterpart:heart:

Plankton: Yes. Yes! YEEEESSSSSSS!!!

This was a epic story I hope there's a sequel where another oc go for one of her sisters my even a trilogy with a of for each of them.

That would be one challenge that I would love to ace

More second person stories like this and the spitfire one would be nice.

I hope you make another one I’ve seen 2 more pics of thicc adagio that might get some inspiration going

How can this story have femdom and maledom at the same time?

Oh 100% agree with this sentiment.

So Fuckin hot !

This is by far the best Adagio fic I've read and I love it!

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