• Published 22nd Jan 2020
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Never Alone - SoloBrony

It's time for Cozy Glow to get back out in the real world and figure out where she fits into Equestria. She's tried superheroics, supervillainy, and accidentally destroyed the world; now she has to try being normal. Yeah, probably not.

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Welcome Back

I emerged from the portal, making sure to carefully grasp the mug's handle in my teeth after snapping the lid closed. As I'd predicted, my horn vanished and my wings shrank on stepping through. I barely had time to register the disappointment before I felt the glass slip from my mouth and set itself aside in a blue field of telekinesis.

Then my world was a tumbling blur of dark-blue. It took me a second to register that I’d just been tackled by somepony very familiar.


Luna clutched me tightly. “Oh, sweetie, we thought something had happened to you!”

I looked around in confusion, and spotted Sunset – now a much more familiar equine – standing some distance away in the grass, waving.


Then I saw Discord grinning at me from behind Sunset. He silently mouthed ‘You’re welcome’ and snapped, vanishing.

It took another second of Luna snuggling into my armor for me to get the gist of what must have happened.

Then I just laughed and facehoofed.

"All of that drama and worry, and you two remember me?!"

Luna laughed, pulling me to my feet but never letting go.

"Discord created a link between the two timelines, so we could see your life each night through your dreams. We've been waiting for moons to finally meet you in person!"

I tried to mentally work out how I felt about that, but it was just too outlandish to wrap my head around all at once. I took off my chanfron and set it aside, and buried my muzzle into Luna's barrel, simply letting the relief wash over me. I felt another hoof tousle my mane, and Sunset's voice from close by told me its owner.

"Welcome back, Quillon. Or should I call you Cozy? Sorry, I was a little unclear on that."

I shrugged. "Cozy's fine, I guess. I'm still sorting it all out, too."

Suddenly, another voice – oh no, it's professor Pie, brace for impact – piped up loudly.

"You heard that everypony?! She said Cozy's fine!" What followed was a series of giggles and the impact of another pony piling into our hug, forcing grunts out of Luna and me simultaneously. Luna chuckled lightly before responding.

"We can only hope, Pinkie. But perhaps give her a little space?"

On the one hoof, I wasn't a fan of Pinkie Pie's exuberance or general behavior, but on the other I just didn't have it in me to be angry at anypony right then. Plus, though I would never, ever admit it to anypony, ever, I was enjoying all of the close contact. So I looped a hoof behind Pinkie before she finished disengaging and pulled her back in, and gave an evil chuckle.

"This silly pony has fallen into my trap. You both belong to me, now. Mmm."

Pinkie giggled so hard it caused us all to bounce slightly like an earthquake had gone off, and I actually felt Luna roll her eyes.

"Pinkie, why are you even here?"

"Well, Discord told us about Cozy getting better, so when I saw you and Sunset heading this way I thought 'oh Cozy must be arriving today and they're all going to be so happy and I should see if Cozy wants a welcome-to-Ponyville party but she might be super-sad and freaked out so maybe not' but then I got here and I heard her say she was fine – though it was a little weird she used third person to say that but Pinkie Pie won't judge – and then she seemed to be happy getting hugs so I decided to hug her too so she'd know she's welcome!"

Luna paused for a moment before replying. "Alright, I am finished." She disengaged from the hug, and I nodded, also slipping away. "Yep, I'm out."

Pinkie Pie's ears drooped. "Awwww, was it something I said?" Then she perked back up. "Oh, right! I forgot to ask! Cozy, do you want that party?"

I quirked an eyebrow as I collected my chanfron. "Why would I have a 'welcome to Ponyville' party? I mean, I don't live here."

Luna cleared her throat, setting a hoof on my shoulder. "Actually, I moved here. I realize that may be a shock, but after seeing your life in the other timeline, I decided it would likely be better for both of us."

I started at that, trying to process it. Right, remember, this isn't 'home'. Not the way you think of it. A lot is probably different... and I guess Luna wants to make sure I don't isolate myself now that I can't do my superhero thing.

She knows that if you spend too long in your own head you'll just go straight back to villainy.

I cleared my throat, trying to figure out what to say. "W-well... thank you very much, Luna. I, um, I was kinda worried about where I'd go once I got back."

I felt her wing wrap around me and squeeze me close, and I heard Pinkie make a 'squee' noise. Luna nuzzled in close.

"You don't need to worry. I'll make sure you're well taken care of here. Oh, and... 'mom' is fine."

My cheeks colored up like roses at that, realizing I'd called her that in my confusion when I first arrived. I nodded, and then something else occurred to me. "Oh, um... what about Aunt Celestia? Will she be visiting?"

"Of course, dear. Whenever you need her – and frankly probably quite a bit more than that. She's quite outgoing, you know."

We shared a chuckle at that; Celestia knew how to put the 'tiring' into 'retiring', as mom had said it a few times, always finding new crazy antics to get up to. Sunset snickered as well, and said, "Well, as much as I don't want to break this up, we should probably go get that armor put up, huh? Luna asked me to show you around Ponyville; a lot's changed since you were here last."

A day hanging out with Sunset? "That sounds great! Let's go!"

I walked over to retrieve my mug, and I heard Luna call after me. "By the way, Cozy? Discord said you had dropped out of time itself when you went into the portal – we were all panicking here before you suddenly appeared anyway. What happened?"

I slid the mug under my wing as suuuuper casually as I could manage, and put on the most innocent smile I could.

"Oh, y'know. I just stopped for a drink on the way."

Author's Note:

>Checks story notes

Pinkie wasn't supposed to be here! wtf?!