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Brian Sheil

Most of my MLP stories feature meetings of G1 and G4.


This is a new collection of short stories featuring the students and staff of Canterlot High School getting together with the characters of Ever After High. This was a suggestion by Darth Wrex who reviewed my short story collection featuring the chartacters of Monster High. Darth Wrex gave that one a 9.5 out of 10.

Chapters (14)
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Didn't see this coming.

This was a suggestion by Darth Wrex who reviewed my short story collection featuring the chartacters of Monster High.

Is that story going to last indefinitely?

Darth Wrex gave a good review of my Monster High crossover. He suggested another crossover. This time, with charctres from Ever After High. There are more stories where this came from. Trust me.

This is only the beginning, Darth Wrex. Only the beginning.

Maybe your next story could be the official crossover between MLP and Monster High instead of those short stories. I mean no disrespect.

I like this. I'm a fan of both shows and I don't see this crossover very often. Keep up the good work!

Thank you. I just finished up chapter 2. This one features Ginger Breadhouse.

Nicely done. But a slight problem.

Nice, she's one of my favorites

I like it. Nice to see Rainbow bonding with someone from Ever After. I figured her to be friends with people like Darling Charming and Briar Beauty, as both enjoy either saving the day or hexitingly dangerous activities. Or Melody Piper since Dash loves shredding with her guitar. Maybe she'd even be friends with Cerise Hood and Kitty Cheshire.

(I've categorized the mane 6 and some other mlp characters as Royals and Rebels, and Rainbow definitely falls under Rebel)

Rainbow Dash a rebel? Maybe.

That's sweet. Although the fact that Rarity's emphasizing receiving money was a little off. I think maybe Ashlynn could have pointed out that it's not the money that matters, but the fact they were able to help someone else. Since she's probably used to helping others, it would make since for her to at least try to refuse the money, saying it was nice to help. But it's just my opinion. Nice chapter.

Nice job. I always felt sorry for Cerise.

She's a good girl and friend. It shouldn't matter who her old man or sister is.

Yep. I just wish she could trust more than Raven Queen (in the show) or Fluttershy (in this fic).

She trust both them. She told Raven who her pops is. Kitty is the one she shouldn't trust.

Yep. I love Kitty Cheshire's character, but she can be just downright cruel sometimes.

To be fair, in Way Too Wonderland and Spring Unsprung, she did try very hard to show the others she was "Rebelling" against her destiny to be as wicked as her mother.

At the same time, she 'Royally' causes mischief all throughout the school. That pussy cat is a pain in the neck.

I think of her as acting like Pinkie and Rainbow did in Griffon the Brush-Off. Only, you know, when she's trying to cause trouble.

I just think of her as a headache that won't go away.

I like that ending line. Even though it's never said in the short where Nina's introduced, it's nice that you added it here, and it works well with the plot for this chapter.

I thought Briar decided to become a rebel?

Maybe this is set before that. She was shown to be "living it up" before she chose to become a full Rebel. Great chapter, anyway.

Daww, that was a sweet chapter. Also-and you don't have to do this-could you make a bonus chapter about Raven Queen getting Kitty and Pinkie's help to prank Hoops to get back at him?

I'm glad you're liking my short shories. there IS more to come. As for your request, I might work something.

It would be cool to see more action scenes, thanks!

Nice the O'Hair twins making friends. A Royal and a Rebel.

The Dazzlings are good now?

Anything can happen in these fanfic stories.

True, I just thought you might have wanted to make a redemption arc chapter first, but to each their own, I suppose.

By the way, Melody Song, I wonder if you read my latest chapter featuring Prince Daring Charming.

What's wrong? Not one for Daring Charming?

Not really. He's got a lot to learn it he'll be like his old man.

Yep. Really good. Sorry, I was busy.

I always did like the Wonderland kids. But, I only count 3. Where's Bunny and Alister?

Not to worry. I'll add them to a later chapter.

Good. Cause those love birds are cute.

But the Son of Alice + the Daughter of the White Rabbit = ?

let's not worry about what might happen between breeding. Just enjoy the ship as it sails into the distance

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