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...So, you want to get to know me a little better, huh? Or maybe you're looking for a bit of respite between so much hot and sexy action. Either way, I suppose I can further indulge your desires and give you just a small peek behind the curtains.

Who knows what you'll find if you keep digging. Scandalous tales of a nocturnal mare? Salacious moments that you will never forget? Or maybe something wholesome or different to caress those tender heart strings of yours. As is the nature of slice of life, you never knew what you'll find until to look underneath that skirt. Enjoy your stay in my domain!

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I absolutely adore the effort put into conveying Night Owl's personal thoughts and feelings with putting herself out on the internet in a personal manner. It's not easy to face all that attention and perceived eyes on you, even when they can't physically see you. Night Owl is really endearing, especially with the little tidbits like her debating saying screw it to the no-fly in front of the shop rule. Those little details really bring her to life, and I look forwards to getting to know her more!

sounds like right where my story stalled. i've been rewriting it since i published the first page cause it's either to smutty or too graphic, so i'm just brainfried. never tried liquid courage for writers block. think i still have a bottle of something 90proof in the freezer. inferno i think? something cinnamonish... maby that'll light a fire in my... ummm, what's the rating on this page again?

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