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I'm a guy, and I was born the year the Pokémon company came into being, so yeah. Trixie is best pony, Luna is best Princess, Rainbow is best Mane 6 member, and Starlight is best reformed villain.


You know the Conversion Bureau universe pretty well.
Evil Celestia? Check.
Goes after Earth? Not so check.
Because Celestia made a grave error.
She accidentally targeted a world where humans coexist with powerful creatures known as Pokémon.
This isn't going to be easy for her, because things here aren't quite what she expected.
Now, the battle for PokéEarth begins...

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Unleash the beast! Defenders of justice and freedom! Legendaries called to arms!

This feels oddly similar to a concept that another author discussed with me on potential concepts of the Conversion Bureau. One of them being if it happened in the world of Pokemon and that he was having the hardest time trying to justify the how and the why.

So far, as crude as a beginning can get, this has a lot of potential and might provide a perspective we haven't thought of yet.

Needless to say, the Administration shall monitor this world and it's progress.

Not bad! Not bad at all! Please please have legendary Pokémon join humanity who is united to stand against Eques! Can’t wait to see what happens at the end! Either Arceus takes away all magic from Eques using his powers or the humans and their Pokémon partner go to Eques for their turn to make Terra regret coming to Earth and causing all the trouble with Arceus joining in to take Celestia on personally.

Thank you both for your input! I have many ideas of where to take this story, and I hope to keep you interested. As the story evolves, the relations between humans, Pokémon, and ponies will shift and change. Arceus doesn't want to intervene personally just yet, so that's why he sent out the call to action. As for the other Legendaries, I've already shown that some have chosen to entrust themselves to trainers. Others still roam the world, and will come into play later. I haven't hashed out everything, so advice is welcome.

Well will some equestrians side with humans and Pokémon as they realize the war is trying to wipe out an intelligent race of beings that never did anything to provok anyone. I’m hoping that Shining and Cadence side with humans and form a Equestrial Resistance and become important Allie’s with humanity.

Out of curiosity, was this inspired by Rated Ponystar's NegotiationVerse?

"Evil Celestia? Check.
Goes after Earth? Not so check."

Two worlds smash into each other? Check.
naturally occurring magic spreading, deadly to native population? Check.
Species change needed for survival? Check.

looking forward to the next chapter

It might be a while. The hardest thing is that I can't go too far with the next chapter until we know more about Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet.

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