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Extra cheese. Hold the mayo.


Twilight falls head over heels for a sandwich artist.

It's just unfortunate that the object of her affection seems to hate her for some reason.

Sex tag for saucy situations and innuendo.
Profanity tag for a healthy helping of swearing.

Chapters (2)
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Adagio smiled and leaned in close. Her breath smelled sweet—like honey mustard. "Fuck. No."

This was a delectable line :heart:

Really liking this Adagio so far!

Makes me wonder if this is before or after Extra Nerdy Twilight moved to Canterlot High or not. Post Rainbow Rocks for sure.

It's indicating that this is when she's in college. Specifically, her first year. So, not only after she transferred, but after she graduated as well.

I'm guessing that in this version, Twilight is aware of the sirens, but not of their names or human forms. Hence, why she didn't recognize Adagio or Sonata. It's going to be awkward when she finds out. Although finding out will also more explain why Adagio was hating her so much before they even met.

I'm also guessing the "no suitors" sign is something that was added solely due to Adagio and the interest that so many take in her.

I’m hooked.

More pls :twilightblush:

I must say, putting Twilight in the drivers seat in this type of story is interesting and also kudos for making her more of a social and forward being than most other stories. I am putting a fat following tag on this.

But freshman fifteen? What is that?

Supposedly, when a person starts college, they'll gain fifteen pounds during their first year.

Huh. Never heard of that, thanks!

Tracking this one for sure.

I'm also sitting here pondering the apropos of your user name to the story title.

>Hold the mayo.

My guy.

What's a sandwich artist?

I wish more people wrote Adagio and Aria like this. There's so much venom in every line between them, it's fantastic :heart: And Adagio's bit with Blueblood, I really liked too--it seems a relatively popular choice in fanfiction for Adagio to be quite promiscuous, but I quite like her being pragmatic about it, so her having gone after Blueblood mostly to nick his stuff was a choice I can really get behind.

Quite enjoying this so far, in other words. Hope to see more soon!

Welp, Bluey here lost big time, what a waste ¬¬.

It took me a moment to figure out why the line breaks were food icons.

Then a man on fire jumped off the roof and into the pool, smashing everyone nearby including Twilight.


Something tells me this give me a fun story, for me to enjoy

The fact that the Dazzlings can still manipulate people even without their magic is impressive, but what is hilarious about this whole thing is that Twilight has this weird fetish towards people being a bitch to her, I can't wait for more!!! :rainbowlaugh:

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