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That is a special sort of melancholy

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why do I feel called out

Fitting on multiple levels. I'm looking for a new job but may have to move to California to find it. I only keep a small number of close friends, so it will be difficult. :fluttercry:

I don't plan on staying forever, but there's still a lot I have planned before I leave. And it's not like I'm the only one still here.

I don't think I've ever been called out so hard by something that I don't even know what's calling out. There are like, at least 5 different things that this could refer to, but really it's biggest effect on me is gonna be messing up my Bookshelf system. I think, maybe, one day, when this site has died down and nobody posts new content, this may be the sole story in my Incomplete folder. Never moving on to Complete, and never moving down to Indefinite Hiatus. Or maybe it won't. Maybe, we'll keep getting new stories, new authors, new fans, until the day comes that servers go down because knighty died or the Internet got blown up or something. We won't know until we get there, I guess. And hey, like what FoME said, I still have a lot to do before I leave. Even if I don't write anything, these stories (4327 and counting, and that's just the completed ones) aren't gonna read themselves.

Cali is cool though because it has me and also In-N-Out.

I don't think it'll ever really end. Not completely. There's something to be said for sticking around, like an old blanket bundled in the corner of your bedroom. Comforting, in a melancholic kind of way.

But it's so comfortable here. No wind or waves to rock my boat. If I hoist the anchor and push off the shore, well I'll be back to sailing the great unknown.

But I guess I'm a boat in this analogy, and boats are made for sailing.

I don't understand

I don't' know what's going on.
But it doesn't stop me from feeling.

Skirts, you ought to play The Stanley Parable.

I don't under... is this a jab at all the stories left incomplete on this site?

Yep, there's the familiar notes of a skirtsfic.

They still hurt.

Author Interviewer

I don't know that I understand what I have inspired, but I am nevertheless deeply unsettled.

I don't think Skirts meant to dispense this as sober advice, but this I cannot left unsaid:

Learn to adapt. To move on. To make your home anywhere and everywhere. Or else all the anchor will do is drag you down.

I think I am that kind of person and it sucks. I don't really treat my friends as anchors in the good sense (though I like to imagine that, at least as long as some friendship outlives corrosion, I put great effort into humility and appreciation for what is given to me in terms of care and support, and if there is a pet in those relationships, it's not a caring one), but life really is just about moving on no matter how much is left behind, no matter how much has been taken out of one. Because you don't get to decide who or what or when will be taken from you. And yet just to be anchored here, is the greatest joy, right?


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