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Draconis Bliss


He was lost by his parents but soon found by the night princess who took him in as her own, he grew up in a world full of ponies but at least he was not the only dragon this world. Though it did not bother him he would have a life full of adventures making new friends along the way and gaining more family too. This is Draconis Bliss, the adopted son of Luna.

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she became curious at the thought of dragons and ponies living in the same city and she wondered how Dragon City within Fillydelphia came to be

Sorry for being nitpicky, but it's Dragon Town. Like Chinatown.

On the last leg of their journey, Princess Luna was contemplating how much as truly changed

I think you mean "has."

The poor thing was left alone at the mercy of the outside elements and any predators willing to make a quick snake of the little guy.


“But... Do you know what will happen if you do bring a baby Dragon to Canterlot? Wha the nobles will think if you do? What about your sister, Princess Luna?” Stammered the royal guard Pegasus as he is worried about what will eventually happen the nobles finding out.

"What." And I thought Spike was supposed to be Luna's nephew in this story, so wouldn't that make him Celestia's son. If so, what're the guards freaking about?

Certainly caught my eye with Luna getting a dragon son of her own to raise like with Celestia and Spike there.
Wonder what other interactions Spike, Luna and Draconis will have with each other later on?

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