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Honestly, I have no idea what exactly about this made me enjoy it so much, but I did! I felt like it should have led somewhere it didn't, but it's not at all bad as it is.

Why not have her suggest that pen simply rewrite the book with his own characters and take out references to the other books and sell it then
I though they could be a meta commentary of mane6’s ceases and desist letters that turned fighting is magic into its fightin herds

I wish I'd thought of that, it would have made for a way better ending! In a way it was a meta-commentary, this was originally written for Equestria Amino after Hasbro forces them to change the name.

Glad you liked it! Thanks for the comment about feeling like it should have led somewhere, I'm beginning to notice that I stop too short with my endings and constructive criticism really helps!

Ahh. Poor Pen. What a schmuck.

It's hard to write such a messed up character so sympathetically, but you nailed it on that count. I'm just gonna echo what everyone else says and say your stories are too short and end abruptly. We want more.

The moment he started selling his story, is the moment he made it a business, if he were just giving for free and specifying its for free, Then, thinks could be different, thou this story could be longer.

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