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Comment posted by Third Wheel deleted January 7th
Comment posted by B_25 deleted January 7th

I can't tell what the size difference even is.

I'll look at you as strangely as I please!






Comment posted by mcfarty deleted January 7th

Your descriptions are amazing

Comment posted by B_25 deleted January 7th

Unfortunately, this is unreadable for me. Half the time I have no idea what to imagine through your description.

On the bright side, I found a perfect representation of this story:
Proofreading Clopfics Sucks

You always a prick or only to people you like?

Nah, I just criticize what I don't like on stories I read.

You call that criticism? You gave a vague remark without citing an example nor providing a reason for it being a particular case. It's the easiest job in the world to say something is purple and unreadable. The real trick is in showing where it's the case, why it's a problem and, if you're kind, a solution for it.

You're not anyone clever. Linking a story intensely purple prose—where this one is over-written for the sake of self-gratfaction—bears nothing in being legit criticism. All this proves is you being a prick-job with no substance behind it.

Well, I for one, should like to read more. Sally forth, dear author. Get stronger. Be better. Write harder. BRING UPON THE TINY INCEST!!

I very much agree! They light ones imagination with visions delightful and warm.

Well, this has been a wild ride. I think I'll take a lesson away from this.

and I thought my red tag fiction was erotic

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