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As people would always say, all it takes is one rotten day to turn a normal member of society into a monster. But most people just say that would never happen in their lives, tell that to Twilight Sparkle. She had a really rotten day, after being beaten by her drunken father and bullied by her peers at school, she thought her life couldn't get any worse, but after she is abducted by her classmates and suffers severe mental torture by them, the night finally ends with her falling into a vat of liquified magic. As she staggers back to her home, she has a nice good look at her face, she is shocked and horrified by her new appearance. She tries to cling to her sanity, but she finally snaps after hearing that not only was her mother murdered by her father in a drunken rage but the liquified magic should've killed her, making her think that her life was nothing but a dark demented joke. Now as Midnight Sparkle, she vows to take revenge on the city she thinks had wronged her, leaving behind a trail of terror and madness in her wake, and she does all of it with a smile. Can Sunset Shimmer, aka the vigilante known as "Daydreamer," stop this insane maniac before more lives are lost.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 14 )

I know, right. I don't think any Midnight Sparkle fanfic writer has done something quite like this before.

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Really amazing story so far im getting a good Joker vibe coming from midnight sparkle keep up the amazing work and cant wait how you introduce sunset

Thank you so much, I really needed to hear something good about this story because I wanted to give a new take on the character.

It's a good idea and interesting but......It too fast, your rushing the story and just getting things over with.
it so fast and rushed..

Ok, I understand, I'll make some edits to try and make Midnight's little chit-chat with her father a lot longer and I may have to change the ending to just driving him insane instead of blasting his face into hamburger, cause I just realized that would be an act of more satisfying revenge than just killing him, I'd also have to include a torture scene.

As people would always say, all it takes is one rotten day to turn a normal member of society into a monster.

I thought the Joker was the only one who said that. And he only said it once.

Down the hatches!
We got a badass Twilight! This is not a drill!

I know right, I always wanted to make Midnight Sparkle have a more psychological like origin instead of that "Unleash the magic, Free the Magic" BS that we got in the movie.

P.S. I hate principal Cinch, by the way. So what do I do to satisfy my hatred for her, how about death by Midnight mist, my version of Joker Toxin.

Nova, As you have seen in my story, the Joker isn't the only one that's had a really rotten day.

Cant wait for the action scene between daydreamer and midnight sparkle

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