• Published 9th Jan 2020
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Apple Family Breeding Program - Nekon

Apple Family have a hard time catching up with an ever-increasing demand of rapidly expanding Ponyville. If only their family were a little bit bigger to help them run the farm...

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One day, I will find a fic featuring the Apples that isn’t incest. Probably the same day I find a fic that doesn’t call genderbent Twilight “Dusk Shine”.

Originality is dead.

In the M rated category? I agree.

Nekon #3 · Jan 9th, 2020 · · 1 ·

Applecest is like a hot mug of coffee in the morning. It never gets old. :ajsmug:

There was a time, long ago, when the preferred pairing was Applejack/Rainbow. I miss those halcyon days...

I don't agree with your comment, but my r63 fic doesn't use Trotsworth's names, just for the record.

You are one of one, then. I appreciate you sacrificing your fic's popularity in favor of effort.

Isn't official male name for Twilight exatly Dusk Shine? I think I remember that from some article with Faust?
So... you an wait, but propably never gonna happen.

I'm pretty sure all of M6 have official male names...

They actually don’t, all of the male names are fan made.

No, they don't. The common names that are most frequently used were created by Trotsworth. Not because they're good names, but because he was one of the first brony artists to draw r63 art.

The fact that people think those names are canon says more about just how creatively bankrupt some of these authors are than anything I ever could.

What's the name of your r34 fic? You have, like, sixty of them.

I never read anything r63(beside one story with Shining Armor) but I don't understand why you're so butthurting about the names. It's the least important part of creativity. Nothing compared to the plot and conflict.

And please stop littering the comment section with it. It has nothing to do with the story.

Better comment on how autistic incest and foalcon are and how I should burn in hell for writing this.

I mean, I'm more than happy to say you'll burn in hell for any number of things. Are you wearing mixed fabrics right now? Have you ever eaten shrimp?


It's r63, not r34. Rule 34 is "if it exists, there is porn of it"; rule 63 is "if it exists, there is a gender-swapped version of it".

Only one of them is r63, even though I've pondered a sequel for a while. It's among my more controversial stories because some readers have... strong opinions about Twilight's decision, to put it mildly. The original comment thread was inadvertently deleted, though, so there's not nearly as much fire in the comments now.

TBack to Normal
When Twilight learns returning to Equestria comes with a steep price, a secret from her past leaves her with an impossible choice.
Trick Question · 9.8k words  ·  448  110 · 3.2k views

I'm sorry for responding to the comments in that case. I'll take any future responses to PM.

I'm pretty sure I read some article with Lauren about that, but it was long ago, and now I can't find it.
Or maybe watched it.
Well, that isn't that important information, how. It just the way it is.. and, well, if anyone should start using "other" alternative names, there will be only confusion, because that wouldn't be R63, but just OCs. So, it's easier that way - everyone understands it.

Human incest can lead to genetic instabilities, yes... Equines, however... we inbreed horses as is. The genetic instability rate for them is FAR smaller fo then that us, based on their DNA. We have 24 pairs, they have 40. The more pairs, the lower a chance of stuff going wrong. I know most people will question it as “More means more things to fuck up” but genetically, it’s actually the opposite.

We inbreed Horses, Dogs, pigs, sheep, and a great many others...

so did it work? is the farm doing well?

Flim and Flam only lost that because of three factors:

1. The apples got outside help
2. They overcompensated for that help by turning up the suction to the point in which they were pulling more than just apples
3. They turned off the quality control unit

If it wasn't for these factors, they would have won the contest without a doubt. Their machine was capable of harvesting and processing apples into cider at a pace far beyond what the apples were capable of.

I got your arguments but I don't know why people sometimes assume that everything that a writer writes is their perspective. I just a storyteller who told a story about a pony family that thinks they can save their farm by sticking to this plan. It's THEIR point of view, not mine. They may succeed or may fail, I have no idea(unless I decide to write the sequel). It's not about what makes sense or what doesn't. It's about what the characters believe. And I think it's been shown enough times that the Apple Family are quite conformists :applejackunsure:

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------ Review ------

Please keep in mind, I know I can be overly critical and negative at times. I can always find something to nitpick, even in the greatest works of literature ever written. Please don't take it personally!
-Does a really nice job of being sloppy and steamy by the end.
-Pretty great climax.
-there is little time left until the breeding season ends. -- doesn't sound like AJ.
-Applejack's fucking was kind of short and rushed.
-“Do you think there’s going to be more than one foal?” Apple Bloom asked as she shuffled herself closer to Big Mac and put her head on his chest, a big satisfied smile on her face. / “Of course I do,” Applejack said. “It’s Big Mac we’re talking about. -- uh... that's not how biology works, you know... the number of foals is entirely dependent upon how many eggs the mother releases. The amount/virility of the sperm doesn’t matter -- it can still only fertilize as many eggs as are available to be fertilized.
-Great job of going over the top without making it so crazily over the top that it loses you.

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Fetish Fuel: Sister
When it comes to brothers and(or) sisters getting it on, you have no equal. Just don’t wake up Mom and Dad. Your clopfic had the best scene involving two (or more) siblings.

Yes! Triplets for each of his sisters! I hope we see them in hot as fuk sequel!

Would you mind if I do a reading of this on my Youtube Channel?

Where I can find the art? Cropped i cant reverse image search but it does look familiar... no pun intended

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