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This story is a sequel to The Four Royalty Models

When Sunset Shimmer goes to Celestia’s office, the principal wants Princess Twilight to be in her school for one day after the talk she had with her back at the Starswirl Festival. When Sunset gives Twilight her message, the Princess Of Friendship has to keep her word even if Celestia is a principal in the other world. While it’s been a long time she missed Canterlot High, it will be a breath of fresh air. Not to mention Celestia also wants to have a conversation in her office.

Thanks to Daniyel099 for editing this.

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Okay, dude. The stories might be getting better, but the cover art is what is killing this, and a lot of other stories of yours for that matter, for me.

It looks like it was put together in 10 seconds flat. Maybe a little longer.

Yes I know it’s distracting but if that’s the reason why these stories are getting negative feedback, they seriously need to quit treating cover arts as killing stories. I made these covers because I want to be unique, even if they’re poorly made, I just wanted people to know what the story is going to be like more then just of the description. Considering people are giving me a hard time on questioning things that make them dislike the story without any second chances, makes their first impressions irritating then understandable.

Problem is that the cover is part of what is supposed to draw people in and read the story in the first place. Even if the story is fine, people will call out the cover art if they think it's bad.

Unique isn't a problem. It's the execution. It's why I don't make my own. My own art skills suck, and I won't ruin a story by trying it myself.

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