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This has me officially interested.

This is indeed a sad start to his new life I hope that one day they indeed meet again but not in Haven.

So instead of a boss saiyan he chose to make a strong human ,I hope he gave his character some op powers .

Time to make a boss first entrance you only get one.

This was epic and adorable.

I'm officially hyped to see where this goes.

This was a awesome and cutting first meeting, Can't wait to see what happens next (no rush).

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This story is amazing and unlike anything i've read before. Amazing job!

Congrats on getting your fan fiction out there. I don't know if you recognize the outstanding talent that you possess. Keep at it young man, you are brilliant. Great success is coming your way.

It’s definitely got me hooked

This is cool and all but whats with that Will guy

This was a awesome chapter I can't to see how his first meet with the Princesses.

This was a chill and funny chapter.

This was a epic chapter with awesome songs,I hope he makes a herd and all the main six,Luna and Celestia are in it.

This chapter was so chill and heart worming.

This was a sweet chapter Intel this 3 damdass's showed up I hope the get what's coming to them.

I just envision a human running in a T pose into the Woods

This was a Epic chapter showed those punks who's boss and not to hurt people,and he got closer to Rarity and a kiss from Luna I hope he makes a herd with all eight of them.

Quite interesting. I do hope this story continues

Nice picture of the scp do you remember which one it is?


Spike blushes and rubes the back of his head and smiles. “Aw, thanks man! I’m glad you like them so much!” She chirps.

I think that is supposed to be he not she

Just trying to help

This was beyond epic I can't wait to see what happens in part 2

This WA's beyond awesome chapter, I hope Celestia fall for him to.

this is real good looking to see whats going to go down for will later on keep up the good work

This was a awesome and sweet q&a chapter,please have Celestia and Luna make a herd with him.

This a beautifully sweet chapter I'm happy Will and Luna are now together,I hope Celestia and Twilight join his herd.

I like the dog at the beginning.

the dragonball frnchise i believe, though mostly the Xenoverse games wince thats where his powers are based from

This was a awesome chapter I'm happy Red Wind was really a good made.

Guess you’ll be able to take all the brownies after all sis…

:fluttercry: :fluttercry: :fluttercry:

Comment posted by YouHavetoForgiveYourself deleted February 9th

I'm guessing 'F' is Faust ^_^

This is very good however the relationship so soon is a bit painful due to it being so damn soon and he is just so accepting of it but that is the only painful thing to me so I can overlook it. I however do hope to see this relationship bloom into something marvelous.

Damn I’ve read what is to be read currently. Keep up the awesome work on this story and keep it coming! Red wind’s character was real well made and thus very enjoyable chapter so thanks. Now time to go be a zombie looking for a new good story I enjoy.

I loved the conversation with Spike and how Will gently weaned him away from his crush on Rarity

I've been following this story since the first chapter, as I've been a fan of a few MLP/DBZ crossovers, and this one has definitely grabbed my attention. The end of every chapter has me literally sitting on the edge of my chair at my computer (not really more figuratively LOL) waiting for the next chapter. And though heart-wrenching as it were to see the latest chapter end like that, though I know Will is gonna pull through, I just have one comment: If I had to guess at the transformation part before Spike's 1st-Person scene at the end, I would have to guess either A: Super Saiyan or B: Kaioken. But either way, keep it up. Can't wait to see the next chapter.

Something snaps in me causing my Ki to shoot up and go haywire. I can only feel pure hatred and anger boiling up at what I had just been told. I scream in pure hatred and my Ki erupts from my body, but the feeling of my Ki blowing up and the pain in my gut and leg causes my vision to go blurry and soon nothing but darkness.

Did that whole transformation process take place under water, because I don’t remember it saying anywhere that they left the river bed

A good guess, Mr. Prime. Guess you’ll have to wait and see.
Also this happened on the surface because they were sitting on the grass just before the beach, if you can picture it.

Maybe... is he the one? The human with god ki?

Comment posted by Supersaiyanblue deleted February 11th

It happened on a small shore of the river. Probably could’ve been more specific, my bad 😅.

Ok this is now got my interests now. Also, if you be so kindly to skip forward in time to the meeting at the gala, that would be great. If you want to no pressure just can't wait to see the human being showed off to the world.

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