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Be Genuine! | (Commissions)

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Now that's what I like to see

That was one of the most heartfelt, sincere and loving scenes I've ever read. Just beautiful!

This is some sensitive shit.

Bro are you alright?

Totally fine. Don't forget the work doesn't always reflect the writer. But thank you for the concern.
Yr. Pal, B

In both the long and short description:

Maybe some gifts have very personal after all.

Something's missing here.


Thanks for the save, Shakes.
Yr. Pal, B

Your forgive. Just edited when you get the time.

Good job!:moustache:

I really enjoy this kind of stories
Good work, man

There needs to be more JUST Spike and Starlight, it's not common enough. Thank You

Starlight may not be controlling or obsessive but I do think she can be flirty so this is in-character.

I think your skills at writing are well earned and this was a great story.

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