• Published 6th Jan 2020
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human of the everfree - Aljazig

Sure my life wasn't perfect, but it was good enough for me, so why the actual f*** am I in a body of a little girl running from sentient ponies?! Answer? Magic.

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Chapter 3: The way back, a mysterious path

The purple bubble had almost reached me and I couldn't do anything, except pray for a miracle. And a miracle I got. At the moment, when the bubble should have bounced of me back, I felt something inside me and could feel it wanting to come out. So I let it, I had nothing to lose, the situation probably couldn't get much worse. And then I was covered by gray energy and the purple bubble just passed me by.

After a few moments Twilight frowned and said: "Celestia dammit, she must have died." She was obviously unhappy with the results of her search, but couldn't do anything about it.

"Don't worry Twilight dear, there must be other humans capable of seeing magic, and when we find them, you can study to your hearts content." Said the pony with the purple mane.

"Yes, yes, you're right Rarity. I just wish, I could at least find her body, so I could dissect her." Said Twilight to the now named Rarity.

'Well that doesn't sound good at all. Would she have dissected me even if I was still alive? Thank whatever instincts compelled me to run.' I thought while peeking through the branches of the tree at the ponies.

"Well, since the human ain't here, ah think, we should go back now. This forest ain't safe." Said the orange one, and the others all nodded or made sounds of agreement.

I decided to follow them since I didn't want to get lost and I was hoping, I could at least sneak into the village to grab supplies, I couldn't find in the forest, like clothing or medication. So I waited a few minutes for them to be at a distance, where I didn't think they could surprise me, and climbed down from the tree I was hiding on.

10 minutes of walking later I heard a loud explosion from the group I was following. I hurried to a few bushes nearby and hid, while trying to see what the ponies were doing. What I saw didn't inspire any confidence in me at all, since I witnessed the pony named Twilight bombard a giant wolf made of wood, until all that remained of it were ashes, which, now that I think about it, probably wasn't that hard to do, since she was using fire type spells. After that phenomenon, the ponies just calmly continued walking, while I was freaking out, on the fact that one pony could handle a monster like that with no visible effort.

'I hope I can learn magic too, so I will be able to stand up to the ponies in case they find me.' I thought while observing the pile of ashes that was left from the giant wolf.

And so I followed the ponies for a few hours, always being careful to not get to close, when they stopped for one reason or another. I managed to listen in to a few more conversations, from which I learned, that the yellow one's name was Fluttershy, they called the rainbow maned one RD or Rainbow, they never mentioned what the D in RD stood for. The ponies with the armor were, in fact, guards and they only responded to a command from Twilight. The extremely pink one was called pinkie from what I overheard, but I wasn't sure if that was actually her name or just a nickname, because she is so pink.

There were many things I thought about during the hours I walked. I almost started thinking about my family and home, but I crushed the thoughts, since I needed to focus on the situation and weeping wouldn't really help me. 'I know I will have to deal with it sooner or later, but I still have to find myself a place to stay the night and the thought of going into the village asking for help isn't really appealing, since they would probably capture me and possibly dissect me. I also want to find a map or something to at least find out, where and when I am, after all, it is possible, that I landed in the past or in the future on earth. After I find the current date I can then use the map to confirm if I have been teleported to another world or traveled in time. Neither is really favorable, since both mean, there is a high possibility, I can't go back to my family.' After I crushed that thought, I noticed, that the ponies in front of me had breached the treeline and when I moved some low hanging branches, I could clearly see the village, where the hunt on me started. I also noticed an old, barely used path going into the forest, and when I followed it with my eyes, I could see, it continued through the forest. I decided on following it, since it could lead me to another settlement, where there wouldn't be a psycho pony on my ass every minute of the day.

As I continued following the path, the forest seemed to darken and the path started looking more and more grown over by the plants of the forest. After a while of walking I came across a cliff. When I looked, to see how deep it was, I could just barely see the path at the bottom. There the path took a turn away from the cliff and soon I could see a river ahead. When I got close to the river I heard humming and decided to hide behind a nearby rock, since I wasn't sure who could be so carefree in a forest filled with dangerous animals. I almost failed to stifle my cry of surprise, when I saw a giant sea serpent combing it's hair back in the water. I quickly hid back, already devising a plan to distract the sea serpent, so I could swim to the other side of the river, where the path continued.

As I executed my master plan, of throwing a rock at the tree on the opposite side of the river and away from the path, I made sure to step into the water as quietly as I could, while I watched as the sea serpent turned towards the tree where I threw my rock. And only then did I notice, just how shallow the water actually was at this part of the river, that was probably the reason, nobody built a bridge. As I hurriedly moved through the water being careful not to make too much noise, I noticed, the serpents head moving, as though it was going to look straight at me. For a second I panicked and than I had a great idea, that could save me.

So I laid into the water.

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