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MLP artist and fanfic writer. Known for Flurry Heart's Story and My Little Sister is a Dragon.


Twilight is the new princess of Equestria and lives in the Canterlot Palace with Spike to assist her, Rainbow Dash and Applejack have both met fine stallions and started families of their own, Rarity has moved to Canterlot to be closer to her business, Fluttershy continues to take care of her animal sanctuary with occasional help from Discord, and Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich have started a relationship and work together as traveling party planners.

These are the journals of the highlights of their lives tying in with and eventually leading up to the beginning of "Flurry Heart's Story," a fanfiction idea I have had for a while now that takes place about 8 years after Twilight's coronation and the defeat of the villainous "Trio".

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Nice start so far. I'm interested to see what happens next.

Loved it! Great to see you started on your fic Alex, this is MegaBusterShepard btw.

Ok so why is every pony in the cover art except for Twilight, Rainbow and Flurry, fat?

This is very good. I love it :heart:

Great to hear from you! :)

For now I'm going to get all the others' entries done and then hopefully some time soon start on "Flurry Heart's Story"


Everyone except them? The only ones fat are Pinkie and Spike. The others might appear "fat" cuz this was drawn in my style and I make them a bit downscaled compared to the show and thus they look a tad thicker. Rarity isn't though, she has Sassy Saddles' body type now.

Good luck on your project buddy. :D

This is going to be such fun.

Another good chapter. Spike shows a lot of maturing here, and it is nice to hear him explain how each of his close friends are doing.

Yeah, I had fun doing this one. I wanted it to be quite clear that he's really growing. He'll show more of that, but he's still the same lovable dragon we all know. :)

I think this might need an Alternate Universe tag. Spike didn't end up fat. Quite the opposite, actually.


Well the epilogue looked like it took about 20 years later. This is 8 years later. He could have wound up fat during that time, but it doesn't matter. Just a simple change like how a character looks isn't worthy of being an "alternate universe" in my opinion. I also made Pinkie chubby and Rarity is taller now and has Sassy Saddles' body type and wears dramatically different clothing. I came up with these designs about a year before the end of the show, before I even knew that S9 was the finale or that they'd have a timeskip episode as the final episode.

A bittersweet ending for Rainbow, but at least she is happy with her life.

I'm very happy to see Rainbow has found a good stallion. I bet she is an incredible mom. By the way, I love your art!

It’s a little sad in the show only 1 of the main six has a kid. Wish they did a story like this for Rainbow because this chapter is such a great ending arc for her and makes sense for her show character.

Awesome artwork


I was interested in them doing that for her and Soarin but they never really had that much chemistry in the show for it to happen. Soarin's the only guy in the show I could see her with, so since they never put them together, I just decided to create my own OC for her, but I wanted for him to be a very nice guy that she'd be great for.


Sorin would have made a great choice. I liked him being goofy back in the day


Yeah, I kinda wish they really went somewhere with his character more than they did.


Some reason they mess him up... Like he looked older and wasn’t the same since

Rainbow with short hair would look like my current hairstyle. Except that my hair is black.

I’m rambling now, aren’t I? Yeah, sorry, I’m a love-struck weirdo. Well I hope this first entry wasn’t too mushy, but the next one probably will be too at this rate. Well I hope Twilight does an awesome job with the crown and here’s to me and Thunderhead!

This is getting weirdly out of character Rainbow Dash..
Ponies can change, Lightning. To my surprise, you’re in your lightning mc Drama queen mode.
Haha very funny. Nice cover btw. Really simulates my most popular and cool story.
Heh. Thanks. I read it, but I would NOT expect to see me in your universe. And, please unsee me in Twi’s mane! Older me looks weird. Never write a fic with me like that
There’s not one, not two, not a hundred and four, but at least 10 Lightiverses. And the 104 was a reference. Already written a weirdbow Dash fic.
Delete it and end this conversation. NOW!! Before I use my element on you.
Fiiiine! But the story remains. *ends conversation*

Not long after I wrote the last entry, things got kinda serious between us, and just about a year later, he proposed and we were married! I wasn’t planning on having kids immediately after getting married, but I figured what the hay. The kid’s name is Storm Streak (Stormy for short), and he’s an adorable little ball of energy! He’s got a darker shade of blue in his coat like his father, and he has my eyes some of my mane colors, so he’s a good cross between the two of us. He’s already learned to say his first word: “Awesome!” I taught him how to say it obviously. I never thought I was going to enjoy being a mother so much but I love being with the little guy. I can already tell he loves the Wonderbolts, and he loves when I read him the kid’s book versions of Daring Do.

Hope you don’t mean he can turn into an ACTUAL ball thing? *like Sonic the hedgehog*

I am not going to be the one writing a similar entry.

Alright, I gotta go. Stormy’s getting into the Cookie’s jar again. That naughty little pipsqueak!

*pulls out my puppy*

Oh and while I’m at it, Stormy looooves Daring Do! I’ve recently started reading him the original books written by AK Yearling, and he never dozes off when listening to me. While on topic, I also heard they’re trying to make a film adaptation of the books. I was a little scared that Hinnywood would screw it up like they did what that one lousy Power Ponies reboot a while ago, but AK said she’s not going to let it happen unless they allow her to be involved with the production, so if it happens, it’s gonna be good. I don’t know if the films are going to be appropriate enough for Stormy to watch, but maybe if they take a while to do them, they’ll come out when he turns 13. Eh, who am I kidding. I’ll wait for the video release and just show it to him at home, and nopony can stop me! Mom and Dad let me see a few PG-13 films when I was like 9!

I watched the Avengers movie when I was 11 and it was 13+ rated.

Years ago, if you were to tell me this would all happen, I probably would have just laughed it off or denied it. I feel like my younger self would have been angry to hear that I would join the Wonderbolts but then find love and quit to take care of a family. I was immature and selfish back then. I was an Element of Harmony, but I still made lots of mistakes and usually thought only of myself. Over time I started to realize this and I wised up, but I still continuously fell short. Getting into the Wonderbolts forced me to be more responsible and ready for anything. Meeting Thunderhead humbled me and taught me how important family is. I now know what he meant when he said he wanted to “live life and be happy” because that’s what I’m doing. I set out with the goal of becoming a Wonderbolt and I did it, but in time, something else came up that I didn’t expect and I had to roll with that instead.

I’d rather build the world’s first time machine, shrink ray, hologram tech, or anything tech related but who knows?

I’m not a total adult, still have a few years. Sooooo... I may be the one writing here

“I quit my super awesome job as a game developer and started a family” (really tho, not gonna happen. Emphasis times infinity on not.
(My entry in my journal will be sonething less.. mushy. How can you expect me, who wakes up at 11 AM thanks to covid 19, to take the place of my mom? *cringes at thought of mini versions of my OC, with modifications*

Being a Wonderbolt helped me to deal with the toughest of situations and was a great way to introduce me to motherhood now that I think about it, so there was no mistake doing either one. I love being with these little ones and I love my husband. I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I don’t know if me and Twilight and the others will ever be chosen to wield the power of the Elements of Harmony again, but I’m still the Element of Loyalty through and through and that’s why I stuck with them.

1 hemisphere of my brain: EWWWW!! I’d go for “Being a Wonderbolt taught me all about cool tech and science which I used to create advanced tech.” “I wouldn’t trade my VR, AR, holograms, laptops, programs (even the worser ones made on scratch by a 10 year old), smart watches, tech, time machine and this old phone for the world (unless the moon was actually made of cheese)
The other one: AAAAAAAWWW!

I may not know
What the future holds
But hear me when I say
That I’ll build a new
cool gadget
I’ve planned it out today

Hope this gets finished

As much as I like this, it’s rather out of place with canon. She does appear to still be with the Wonderbolts in the finale. However, I can also imagine the possibility that she would be given the opportunity to rejoin at any point and then be promoted as captain when Spitfire retires.

It would be like going inactive with the military for special circumstances but be called back at any point. It’s not often you can actually just leave a military

and that possibility that she could rejoin is still there in my story. When her kids get old enough, she'd have time for the Wonderbolts again.

That’s definitely a good thing! I also always figured that they all still teach at the school. It’s amazing how much they’re able to keep up with already

Yeeeeah, for me that's not happening. I always found it weird how Twilight was just like "BOOM! YOU'RE ALL TEACHERS NOW!" when she made the school. Like, how did they juggle their own jobs, personal lives, and being teachers at the same time? I like to think they taught as long as they could and now most of them have moved on or substitute every now and then. Guidance counselors get their teaching certificates usually so I'm sure Trixie had a class or two to teach and now the Student Six are teachers in my story.

Makes perfect sense! The question is now, what teachers do they bring in to fill the void until the student 6, Scoots, Sweetie and Apple Bloom teach

I'm sure there's plenty of ponies across Ponyville and beyond who would love to teach there and end up getting hired.

Why is Spike so fat in the cover art?

I'm guessing you're new here?

I just realized that I have to practice my Weird Al impression again! I was so good at voicing Milo Murphy, then that pneumonia kicked my larynx. My goal is to voice his segment here

By "his segment" do you mean the bit at the end when he announces they are getting married?

Well hey, before I go, did you guys know Applejack’s got a boyfriend?! It’s true! AJ’s been seeing a guy called Tex for a few months now. They’ve already started dating and they’re perfect for each other! Tex is the son of Burnt Oak and I think it’s just so sweet how their fathers were both close friends back in the day. Her dad would be so proud to know she’s with his best friend’s son. Now to see them tie the knot! DO IT APPLEJACK! FOR YOUR PARENTS!!

I think they should had introduced a son from Burnt Oak during that amazing Apple episode just to give that romance between the Friends kids getting together in the end.

Awesome chapter surprising it’s been 2 years but I guess Pinkie Pie wants to write everything till it’s ready

Wow, this was finally updated again. A very welcome surprise.

AJ would likely want to continue the Apple Family and if it were with the son of her dad's best friend, I thought that would have been really sweet, plus Tex is a character from a previous generation and it's fun to use them!

And you want to voice it?

Wow, thanks! Nobody has offered to voice anything from my fics yet (unless you count dubs of a few of my old comics). Be sure to link it to me when it's done!

One more little detail: I have decided to change up my regalia. I really appreciate Celestia and Luna giving me their merged crown, but unfortunately, it is a bit too big and I think I may need to grow as big as Celestia before I can start wearing it regularly. For now, I’ve taken to wearing a periwinkle neckband and anklets as well as a tiara that resembles my old Element of Magic crown. The gold looked nice but I feel like I will have to grow into wearing such a regal color.

Does make me wonder how often Twilight wore that crown before she grew into it. That thing is huge. It does look good on her of course, and will never look good on anypony else. But still.

Sunset Shimmer has also decided to return to Equestria not too long after the coronation. She really misses the friends she made in the world beyond the mirror but feels she needs to come back to her roots and start spending more time with her family members and old friends she used to know. She’s already made friends with Flash Sentry (the one from our world that is) and has been hanging out in Ponyville and getting to know the pony versions of the friends she made in the Canterlot High School.

Nice to see someone who brought Sunset back to Equestria. So many have her stay, for any number of excuses. Ignoring that if she did go home, there's no reason she, Twilight and the girls still can't connect.

The portal and her journal would still work I assume.

-The main reason I had to put that part in was cuz my design for older Twilight was done before the finale and I didn't want to do away with the regalia I gave her so I kept it and put this little bit of lore in to explain why she wears it.

-Yeah, it is disappointing that EqG never got any closure at all, but since Sunset was hinted at in the "Magic of Friendship Grows" song, I'm sure she made it back at some point.

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