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So is this pure fetish story or a story with some sex/fetish stuff but still a underlying plot line?

Ok cool I would read a story with a actual story over a pure fetish story

I like this... When's the next chapter?

Pfft... Just as I go to add to the ever expanding "Read Later" shelf, I notice chapter 2 is released

Funny as all hell! :rainbowlaugh: I wouldn't mind seeing someone put together a ROM of that Doom rendition. Instead of killing the demons that are invading, you have to fuck them into submission to PREVENT the invading.

Oh, now this is what I call entertainment!

“What? Some couples are open.” Scootaloo pointed out. “And don’t even get my started on that royal, Princess Ember, King Thorax, and Spike threeway herd thing.”

Wait, what?:rainbowhuh:

This... This ending... Too cute. Sad overall, but cute as hell.

This is very well done. I will be the first to admit when I started this story I was thinking it was. Chrysalis X Weave X Starlight. But not only have you subverted that Idea is a very good manner but I find the whole recovery is dine well. Chrysalis still has to deal with her past mentally its not just gone she’s just not listening to it. And Starlight finally getting that smack to the face she needed

Pretty accurate in describing depression and anxiety, minus the need for pills. I wouldn't recommend writing dark material too much, it's not good to think like that too much.

Reminds me of Philza’s hardcore streams) Love the guy.

“Most things are weak to fire,” Weave commented.

And if they're not, then that just means you're not using enough fire :moustache:

“Gotta see where this story is going. I like Rust. He’s a good father figure…”

Ooo yeeeah, about him :unsuresweetie:

Chrys patted the couch seat next to her with a hoof as her green aura poked the TV remote. “It’s been mainly New Year’s prep and the occasional action movie, depending on the channel. Which is why Star switched to playing Resistance. Kinda felt like a passive aggressive dig, because the enemies are Changelings, but, I just tried to get lost in my book.”

And that would be a thing, wouldn't it. That low-key weird stuff, along with cuddle pillows and plushies of the ponies you know personally.

Are... are you joking?
It already exists under the name of HDoom

I... you're joking, right...?

“You are a pone and you’re diggin a hole, diggy diggy hole~” Chrys started to sing.

A certain dwarf wants to have a word with you

Love this story and how ot shows the work chrys and starlight have to put into changing and healing

So who else winced when star talked about rust

Woo, new chapter! I enjoyed it.
Can you actually do all that stuff in Minecraft? I haven't played it in ages.

Most of the stuff that is Minecraft related comes from stuff Thad has done in his worlds.

Well damn, all I do is turn it into a farming sim, lol.

That's awesome.

His way is farming. Farming to the Nth degree.

Yeah but I meant "build a house and a huge arse garden" farming.

I do it every playthrough.

“The RNG Gods are with me!” Star cried.

Clearly :trollestia:

“And now we just repeat that seventeen more times,” Weave sighed. “Chrys better never find out about this.”

I don't think she's gonna miss the fact that there are eighteen villagers missing :trixieshiftright:

I enjoy all the references you have in this story! Russianbadger (I think), mumbo jumbo with his hermitcraft season 7 iron farm

I reference Badger because I'm a fan. Thad informs me of all the Minecraft madness he's crafted. XD

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