• Published 1st Jan 2020
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Roomies - Sanguine Dream

Two mares on parole needed a place to live. Intricate Weave didn't need roommates, but he was the only one they trusted. How will them staying with him change his life?

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Woo, new chapter! I enjoyed it.
Can you actually do all that stuff in Minecraft? I haven't played it in ages.

Most of the stuff that is Minecraft related comes from stuff Thad has done in his worlds.

Well damn, all I do is turn it into a farming sim, lol.

That's awesome.

His way is farming. Farming to the Nth degree.

Yeah but I meant "build a house and a huge arse garden" farming.

I do it every playthrough.

“The RNG Gods are with me!” Star cried.

Clearly :trollestia:

“And now we just repeat that seventeen more times,” Weave sighed. “Chrys better never find out about this.”

I don't think she's gonna miss the fact that there are eighteen villagers missing :trixieshiftright:

I enjoy all the references you have in this story! Russianbadger (I think), mumbo jumbo with his hermitcraft season 7 iron farm

I reference Badger because I'm a fan. Thad informs me of all the Minecraft madness he's crafted. XD

Can't wait for the next chapter Dream.

... pardon, have I threatened you before?

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