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"Ladies and Gentlemen, take my advice. Pull down your pants and slide on the ice." ~ Dr. Sidney Freedman, M*A*S*H S3 Ep5


This is NOT human x pony romance!

Rudy is a pegasus stallion, living on Earth for the last 5 years. He's been helping a human named Jack deliver newspapers since coming here, and in the newspaper industry, there's no such thing as a holiday, unless the presses break down and can't be fixed by 8am the next day. This New Years Eve, Rudy and Jack go out to do what they do every night, but tonight might just be something special for the first time, as a mare he's come to fancy working inside the press building asks him a strange question.


Edited (or at least who I saw in the gdoc before posting it) by Bill Cypher and Moonshot.

Written for Admiral's Not a Contest contest. I delivered newspapers most of my life, and we worked every day, every night, holidays be damned. I wanted to convey just how... normal a holiday would be to us. It was just another day, like Christmas, or Easter. We worked, we lived on, and we did the same thing every night, from when I was a baby, up to my mid 20's. Side note: I'm immune to paper cuts.

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As an aside, idk how this became a romance. It just kinda happened. Oops?

I love it!

Can confirm that Flint is a hellhole.

From my understanding, that's how most romances happen.

Glad I was able to help with this one, Rob. :pinkiesmile:

This was adorable! Happy New Year, Rob!

This was a really sweet story, Rob! I loved it!

Happy New Year!

We deliver papers on a much smaller scale, probably about a hundred and some. Still, just as much a pain. Nice work, Rob!

Cute little story Rob. I really appreciate the train drivers and other workers here in Japan because they never stop working. Emergency services especially.

Reminds me of my old job in a TV station.
Someone always had to hold the fort in the control room.

It wasn't that bad, in fact we had a great boss.
For those working on Christmas Day, management would arrange a Christmas lunch delivered to the station in a taxi.

Sadly, when redundancies came around, the boss would also lose his job and the rest of us were downsized heavily.

Good story Rob !
Some people (and ponies) never know the concept of a holiday or weekends.

As a former member of the Fourth Estate, I knew I had to read this story. I’m glad I did.

On top of being a very cute little romantic story, the references to newspapers rang true. It’s one of the few jobs left a person can get with no experience and limited skills. The pay’s horrible, the hours suck, and the conditions are brutal, but where else can a middle-school dropout get a job today?

That’s one reason (among many) I’m sad newspapers are disappearing. Support your local newspaper, people. You don’t realize what you’ll be missing until it’s gone.

That’s really sweet. I loved it, Rob. :twilightsmile:


Hot Brew modded story. It's like Hot Coffee, only much nicer.

Didn't know someone would write a MLP story about my job. :)

Even if in PL it looks a little different, it kinda looks the same. ;)

That was a cute story.

I waited outside my apartment as I always did, every night. It was a cold, snowy December thirty-first.

Christmas is Dec 25 not Dec 31 ya Ignoramus.

Who, or what, said anything about Christmas? This story is about New Years, Christmas had already happened ya big pooty pooterhead.


I waited outside my apartment as I always did, every night. It was a cold, snowy December thirty-first. Christmas, as the humans called it, went well enough. I worked, but as a newspaper delivery person; there were no such things as holidays, save for when the presses broke down and they couldn’t get them going before five am the next day.

Full quoted paragraph Look after the previously quoted sentence.

Christmas went well... Its in the past, other wise it would be "Christmas was going well". The whole story is about new years...

Am I the only one that pictured Jack as John Candy, circa Home Alone or Planes, Trains, and Automobiles?

“Actually, I came out to ask you another favor.”

I quirked a brow, watching her play with her front hooves.

“Well, would you or Jack mind some company tonight? I’m getting off soon, and the time lines up with when you two should be getting ready to leave.”

“Oh! Uh… I’m not-”

“Of course! The more the merrier!”


Jack, the ultimate wing man with a shitty van.

“The world can’t stand still for a silly thing like a holiday, girly.”

“True words, Jack.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Well, shit, we missed it.”

I binked. “Missed what? Vernon Hardware isn’t open tomorrow.”

“No, not that! The radio! The ball drop!”

Jack turned up the radio, and it was already playing music. Crowds of people could be heard cheering, and singing along to Auld Lang Syne.

“Yeah, I guess we did.”

I turned to Hot Brew, and she was already looking at me.

“What?” I asked.

“Just like that. A moment lost, a moment forgotten, and it’s a new year.”

I shrugged. “It’s just another day.”

She looked at me for a while longer, and then to Jack, and finally nodded her head. “I suppose so.”

All those moments will be lost in time. Like tears in rain.
-Blade Runner

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