• Published 31st Dec 2019
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My Little Rarity: Alternate Is Magic - Twilight Star

What if Rarity was born in Canterlot instead of Ponyville? What if Celestia became Daybreaker instead of Luna becoming Nightmare Moon? What if instead of Rarity becoming a stylist, she becomes Luna's student?

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Going to the mall

Rarity was in her bedroom, drawing a long dress, and the pony wore a crown with a jewel. When she finished drawing, she began to paint the long dress with a pink crayon and the crown colored yellow. When Rarity was done, she watched the drawing as it smiled. If only she could make this dress. But how would she do it? She didn’t even have sewing materials. Her ears dropped and she let out a breath.

Footsteps approached the room. “Daughter, put on some clothes. Let’s go to the mall.”

Rarity’s ears brightened. Did your mom say mall? She loved going to the mall. Rarity got out of bed and headed for the closet. When Rarity opened, she smiled at how much clothing it had. In the closet were dresses, elegant hats, pajamas, caps, scarves, and winter boots. Rarity decided to choose a pink hat with a white feather. Rarity looked in the mirror in her closet to see how she was doing.

Rarity smiled. “I ... I’m ... fabulous!”

“Daughter. Aren’t you coming?” asked Cookie Crumbles, noting that Rarity was taking too long.

“I’m going, Mom.” Rarity left the room quickly.

Arriving where her parents were, Cookie Crumbles opened the door with the key. First out was Rarity, then Hondo Flanks and lastly Cookie Crumbles, who closed and locked the door.

“Are we going to the mall to buy clothes for me, Mom?” asked Rarity.

Cookie Crumbles looked at Rarity. “No, Rarity. We’re going to the mall to buy things for your little sister.”

Rarity looked a little sad with what Cookie Crumbles said. Rarity hoped they would buy her clothes. But, she tried to be understanding.

Arriving at the mall, Rarity and her family went to the market had. In the market, there were few ponies. Cookie Crumbles took a cart with its magic. They went to the babies section.

“What are we going to buy for my little sister, Mom?” asked Rarity.

Cookie Crumbles looked at Rarity. “Diapers, baby bottles, baby spoon, baby plate, clothes and stroller.”

“Can I help you choose?” asked Rarity, all excited. “Mostly the clothes?”

“Of course, daughter,” said Cookie Crumbles.

Arriving at the place where it had things for babies, Rarity stared at the baby clothes and couldn’t deny that she loved each one.

“Daughter, what did you think of this bottle?” Cookie Crumbles held a pink bottle with its magic.

Rarity stopped admiring the clothes and looked at the bottle that her mother was holding. She even liked it.

“I liked it, Mom,” said Rarity. “And I’m sure Sweetie Belle will love it.”

Cookie Crumbles put the bottle in the cart before walking again. Hondo Flanks and Rarity followed her.

Hondo Flanks looked at Rarity. “So, daughter? Are you happy and excited that you will have a little sister?”

Rarity looked at Hondo Flanks with a smile. “Yes, Father. I even know what I’ll do with her.”

“Really, daughter?” asked Hondo Flanks.

“Yes, Father. I’m going to play brush her mane, do hairstyles, adorn her and many other fun things to do with beauty,” replied Rarity.

Hondo Flanks smiled. “Good, daughter.”

“What do you think of this baby spoon and plate, daughter?” Cookie Crumbles held a white and pink plate and a white spoon.

Rarity put a hoof on her chin before answering. “It’s pretty, Mother. I liked.”

Cookie Crumbles added both items to cart.

“What’s missing, Mom?” asked Rarity.

Cookie Crumbles looked at Rarity. “Diapers, baby clothes and stroller.”

Rarity spotted several diaper sets outside of the clothing session and went there. “Mother, what do you think about this diaper set?”

“I think it’s good, daughter. Put him in the cart.” Rarity went to the stroller and put on the diapers.

Rarity was about to speak, but when she saw a box of a purple stroller with ruffles and bows, she ran to him. “Mother, look at this beautiful stroller. Can we take him so my sister can stay when we go for a walk with her?”

“Of course, daughter,” said Cookie Crumbles.

Rarity tried to catch with her magic, but it was very heavy, even though she already knows how to use her magic. She breathed tiredly before trying again. But it failed again. Rarity looked at Cookie Crumbles.

“I can’t use my magic to carry it to the cart, Mom,” said Rarity.

“Would you like me to get him for you, daughter?” asked Cookie Crumbles.

“Yes, Mother.”

Cookie Crumbles walked over to the cart, took it with its magic and led it to the cart. Rarity followed her mother.

“Can we choose the clothes now?” Rarity asked, but it sounded more like begging. “Please. Please.”

“Of course, Daughter,” said Cookie Crumbles. “You can go choose.”

Rarity smiled. “I will choose the most fabulous clothes for my sister.”

Cookiand Crumbles and Hondo Flanks watched Rarity go to the baby clothes session. They smiled before following their daughter.

Rarity entered a hallway where she was surrounded by hats, bows, summer and winter clothes and sleepwear. In her eyes, she had stars.

Rarity’s hooves were on her cheeks. “This is the best place in the mall!”

Rarity magically took a light purple candy-colored nightgown, a greenish dress, a pink bow, a yellow flowered dress, a blue white-striped scarf, two blue boots, and a light pink burrow. She heard footsteps and saw her parents smiling.

“Have you chosen the clothes for your sister, Daughter?” asked Cookie Crumbles.

Rarity approached her parents. “Yes Mother. These are the clothes.”

“Daughter, these clothes you have chosen are beautiful. You have good taste.”

Rarity put the clothes in the cart while smiling. “I know, Mother.”

When Rarity came home with her parents, she noticed something and looked at Cookie Crumbles.

“Mother, where is Sweetie Belle going to sleep?” asked Rarity.

“She’ll sleep with you in the bedroom,” Cookie Crumbles replied. “We haven’t bought a closet for Sweetie Belle yet, so at the moment her clothes will be in your closet, okay?”

“Okay, Mom,” said Rarity.

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