• Published 31st Dec 2019
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My Little Rarity: Alternate Is Magic - Twilight Star

What if Rarity was born in Canterlot instead of Ponyville? What if Celestia became Daybreaker instead of Luna becoming Nightmare Moon? What if instead of Rarity becoming a stylist, she becomes Luna's student?

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What the future holds for me (Edited)

When the sun rose over the horizon, Rarity was still sleeping in her bed with her sleeping mask. She didn’t feel like waking up or getting up. Yesterday she stayed on the balcony drawing stars in her sketchbook until late at night.

“Daughter! Come have breakfast!”

But no answer came. Footsteps went to Rarity’s room and the door opened revealing Cookie Crumbles. Cookie Crumbles realized that her daughter was still sleeping, she went to Rarity to wake her up.

“Rarity, wake up.” Cookie Crumbles poked Rarity lightly with a hoof. Rarity shifted to the side.

“Let me sleep, Mother ...” said Rarity tiredly.

“Daughter, I understand you wanting to sleep more, but you need to get up to eat.” Cookie Crumbles opened the curtains with her magic.

Rarity did what her mother ordered. Although she was still tired. She took off her sleep mask before going to the bathroom to brush her mane.

Cookie Crumbles and Hondo Flanks were waiting for Rarity. Until Rarity appeared. They smiled. Rarity sat in the chair and realized that breakfast was the same as yesterday. But despite that, Rarity knew she should get used to it. Rarity already had in mind what to do today. She would stay home sketching clothes in her sketchbook. Rarity grabbed a plate of pancakes and a fork to start eating.

Cookie Crumbles looked at Rarity. “So, Rarity? What do you plan on doing today?”

As Rarity was chewing on the piece of pancake, she swallowed before answering. “I plan to stay home by drawing clothes in my sketchbook.”

Cookie Crumbles smiled. “You like to draw, right?”

Rarity smiled back. “Yes, Mother.”

Rarity’s parents were happy that her daughter had a hobby that she liked. They wondered if Rarity would want to be a designer or stylist because Rarity had a talent for drawing. But Rarity hadn’t received her Cutie Mark yet. They wondered what her daughter’s Cutie Mark would look like.

After Rarity had finished eating, she went up to her room, grabbed her pencil and sketchbook to start drawing. She lay back on the bed and put the notebook in the furniture to start having fun. The unicorn began to draw the pony’s body first and then the outfit. The outfit she drew was a dress. Rarity realized that she forgot to take the box with the coloring crayons. She looked around but didn’t found it. Rarity got up on the bed looking for the box.

After about five minutes, Rarity hadn’t found her crayon box yet. She started to whimper.

“Why? Why?” lamented Rarity. “Of all the worst things that could happen, this… is… the worst… possible... thing!”

Footsteps approached Rarity’s room. Who appeared at the door was Cookie Crumbles.

“Rarity, what happened?” asked Cookie Crumbles worriedly as she saw her daughter crying.

“I lost my beautiful box of crayons, Mother,” answered Rarity. “I searched upstairs, downstairs, upstairs, downstairs ...”

“But I can’t find it anywhere!” Rarity made a small couch come to her to lie down. “Nowhere! How am I going to color without my crayons?!”

“I found it, daughter,” Cookie Crumbles held a box of crayons with her magic.

Rarity stopped crying and smiled. “Where were they?”

“It was stored on the support desk.”

“Thanks, mother.” Rarity got up from the couch to hug Cookie Crumbles.

Cookie Crumbles hug Rarity back. “You’re welcome, daughter.”

Rarity just realized that Hondo Flanks didn’t come along with Cookie Crumbles. “Where is Hondo Flanks?”

“He’s watching a football game on the living room,” replied Crumbles. “Would you like to go see him?”

“No, thanks, Mother,” answered Rarity.

“Well, if you need anything, just call me.” Cookie Crumbles left the room.

Rarity went to her bed and placed the crayons on the blanket before she took a pink crayon and began coloring the pony’s dress design.

Hondo Flanks was sitting on the couch watching his favorite game. He was very excited while cheering. He held two flags.

“Go! Go! Make a goal! Make a goal!”

On TV, one of the ponies managed to score. Hondo Flanks began to celebrate.

“Wow! Goal!”


Hondo Flanks stopped celebrating and saw Cookie Crumbles. “Yes, Dear?”

“We need to talk.”

“About what?”

Cookie Crumbles sat down. “It’s about our daughter Rarity.”

“What about her?” asked Hondo Flanks.

“Do you think we should put Rarity in a school this year?” asked Cookie Crumbles.

“I don’t know, honey,” answered Hondo Flanks. “Don’t you think she’s too young to go to school yet?”

“You can and be right, love,” Cookie Crumbles was almost agreeing with what Hondo Flanks said. “But if Rarity went to school, she could make new friends.”

“She already has friends, honey,” said Hondo Flanks.

“I know, love. But if she went to school, she would also learn more magic,” said Cookie Crumbles.

“Rarity already knows how to use her magic,” said Hondo Flanks. “I think we’d better wait a little longer.”

Cookie Crumbles wanted to disagree, but she knew her husband was right. “You’re right. It’s just that Rarity is so talented. I just want her to be good at her magic. ”

Rarity had finished coloring the drawing, and put the crayon down before putting it on the desk so she would know where it was. Rarity took the drawing and put it on the wall. In addition to the drawing she had just made, there were other designs of clothes ponies. She thought herself a great drawing.

Rarity decided to go to the balcony to see how things are on the streets of Canterlot. She smiled. Rarity has always liked the city Canterlot. Mostly because of the glamor, the style and the elegance. She was grateful to have been born here. Rarity put both front hooves on the balcony and looked down to see her friends playing hopscotch on a road. Rarity was wondering if she should go play with her friends or if should stay home having fun.

The unicorn began to think. I wonder what the future holds for me. What will it be? Will I be a princess?

Rarity smiled at the last sentence of her thought. She always wanted to be a princess or someppony of the royalty. She took out both hooves off the balcony to start singing.

Since I was born, I knew that I would be able to do great things. But I wonder what my future will be like. But I fear my future isn’t good. What does he hold for me? Will I be somepony close to royalty? Will I be a pony with a dream job? Or will I be a princess?

The future I know is impossible to know what it will be like. But I wonder what it will be like. Will I be a pirate who will sail the seven seas for treasure? Or maybe I travel all over Equestria? But of course I will be very careful because I don’t want to get dirty or get wet.

I would so much like to… know… what… the future… holds… for me. It would be nice… if… I could see… what it will look like…

“Rarity! Come to lunch!”

Rarity heard Cookie Crumbles’s voice and ran into the living room. Arriving in the living room, she sat straight and saw that the food was already on her plate. Rarity took some food from the spoon and put it in her mouth, but Hondo Flanks stopped her.

“Rarity. We need to say something important,” said Hondo Flanks.

Rarity set the spoon on the plate and looked at Hondo Flanks curiously. “About what, Father?”

“About your next year.”

“But what will it have next year?”

“You will start studying in a school.”

Rarity was happy. “Nice. Can I go with a fabulous outfit?”

Cookie Crumbles and Hando Flanks stared at each other for a few seconds before looking back at Rarity. “I don’t think so, daughter.”

Rarity with open mouth. “But why not?”

“Daughter, we appreciate your taste in fashion. But I think you better go normal.”

“But, Mother…”

“Please, daughter. That’s all we’re asking for,” said Cookie Crumbles.

Rarity decided to accept it, although inside she didn’t want to. “OK, mother…”

Cookie Crumbles realized Rarity’s sadness and went to her. “Don’t be sad, Rarity. Only when it’s cold can you go with winter clothes.”

Rarity managed to lighten up a little. “Okay, Mother. Do you know the name of the school that I’m going to study?”

“No, daughter. But we’ll see it this year or next,” said Cookie Crumbles.

“Well, can I start eating, Mother?” asked Rarity.

“Of course you can, daughter.”

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