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This story is a sequel to Tale Of The Caged Bird

Ever wonder how the cheetah gained its tear lines? Follow the story of a mother cheetah as she searches for her lost cub in the wilds Zebrican Wilderness. As well as the zebra tribe leader who saw her obsidian tears for the very first time.

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Stop making me sad:fluttercry:

Very well done! :heart: Poor mama Cheetah, an emotional rollercoaster that was.. :fluttercry:

Indeed it was. The pain of an animal cuts so deep:fluttercry:.

And the tears of my eyes are starting to seep.

This is awesome!


The last one though...is gonna be quite the tear jerker:applecry:.

I reread it, and still found it sad- but a bit happy too. I also noticed something this time.

Until it finally lost its hope-filled beckon

Beacon. :raritywink:

Oh crap, thanks for noticing that:twilightsheepish:.

You're welcome. Good job on the rest of the story.

Thank you, it’s fixed now:raritywink:.

Well, that was a bit of a rollarcoaster. Poor mama cheetah. :fluttershysad: But I'm glad everything turned out well in the end, and I hope the one who took the cub will be severely punished by the savanna. :pinkiecrazy:

Poor mama cheetah indeed:fluttershysad:. As for the zebra who took them... well, the savanna predators will make short work of him:pinkiecrazy:.

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