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With two more ponies, Shining Armor and Princess Cadence coming along for the final battle against the villains... will it make a big difference. With another set of minds and powerful horns, will the balance tip in favor of the heroes? Will they be strong and smart enough to outwit and take down these powerful adversaries?

What could have happened if Shining and Cadence came along for the fight.

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oooh, a remake

Really good job on this Alternate Universe one-shot. VERY good job on the action, characterizations, exchanges and general wrap-up. Yeah, I'm glad Shining and Cadance got a proper chance to shine here while still giving the Mane Six their own proper opportunities to come through.

Maybe a bit too much dialogue but it is a short story and i liked it, so it isn't a issue at all.
I enjoy your vision of the final "fight", your way to write and the slice of humor you add.

Sorry for any mistakes, English ain't my mother tongue and I struggle writting my own stories.
Liked and followed for more stories from you ^^

Pretty decent AU story. Though some of the writing (especially the humour) felt a little awkward, and some of the spacing is off.

Thanks. I'll take a look at that. It was my first attempt at a comedy here.

Very good job with this story! I truly enjoyed it. This would’ve actually added more tension and “personal business” had Michael Vogel decided to add Shining and Cadence considering their past experience with Chrysalis. Oh, and just one more thing for the sake of laughs:

“We came to help you at the urging of one of Twilight’s students, but it seems that wasn’t necessary,” Neighsay said. “Seems she had all the help she needed with her family.”

Well, Neighsay, the only help you guys gave was wasting your time for nothing, especially the non-ponies who had nothing to do with your race war. Soooo...great job.

Thank you very much, this was my first attempt at writing a comedy.

Getting the feel of that Batman Rebirth comic where Penguin, Scarecrow and Two-Face get trapped in a house and their own psychoses start working against them to keep them trapped - all as a literal Halloween's Day trick so Bruce Wayne could have the day off.

It worked.

And so did this.

“Step right up evil fillies and gentlevillains! Try your luck!” Pinkie cried out in joy, which was very unfit for the situation. She wore a mustache and some sort of suit, where did those even come from? To top it off… how did she even get a spinning board with pictures of her and all her friends faces.

I question that so many times ever since the first season lol I decided to give up dang it Pinkie :pinkiehappy:

Oh right wow that was an awesome battle so they will be prepared for the battle hopefully beating the villains and get in the Bell but With a Little Help from Cadence and Shining Armor they were able to defeat Legion of Doom which that would have been a perfect opportunity to use those two specially what Chrysalis did to them and the outcome could be a different but this was awesome nice job on it

“Close but not cherry chimichaka!”

Cherry chimichanga*

Oh thanks and I put not instead of no there. Didnt know the proper spelling of that last word.

Well, this my idea of what could have happened if Shining Armor and Cadence had actually come and been useful for once. Tried to add a little humor with the Pinkie thing. Might try some more comedy sooner or later. Let me know your thoughts!

I thought you did a pretty good job on that humor just to lighten up the story 😊

i notice many rewrites of the ending of the edn have twilight not becoming leader, wich i actually dont like, because personally, twilight becoming leader of equestria was the perfect way to send her story off, she went from plucky student to supreme being, its her reward for embracing friendship. maybe i'm a little too apologetic of the writing of the show, but i couldn't imagine a better ending then that

Yeah I dont understand people that have a problem with Celestia and Luna retiring.

i suppose its because they felt that celestia and luna acted like doorknobs during most situations, and they dont like concept of twilight outliving her friends, and i think a small part of it is twilight tall design unerves viewers slightly.

Yeah I kinda have a problem with Twilight outliving her friends myself but not with her becoming ruler or getting taller really. I fixed the outliving problem in my main story as well. Luster Dawn New Days.

i'd like to see the mane six live forever alongside her, although that unfortunately means their family dying. although again, they are twilight's friends, and with enough coaxing would agree to it. i read a fic where twilight absorbed all her friends "essense" when they were nearing death, very uplifting fic. another one, although it's not mane six, was "hoard of friends" in wich smolder doesn't want to outlive her friends

also i noticed twilights immortality is a concern with you through your descriptive bio. you certainly know your priorities

Well I'm not much for the idea of them all becoming immortal. I'm a death acceptor, immortality is a curse to me, better to just break it in my mind. Also, just wondering are you being sarcastic on the priorities or serious?I do have a fic where they all get increased lifespans though, Will Relations Die.

i am a little big on the "friends forever" theme, but mainly i like when themes of friendship itself are discussed further, theres in fact this amazing fic, and even though its a sex fic, its still amazing to read, its all about twilight developing a more than friendly relationship with her friends from her alicorn power. its heartwarming as well as alluring.

by the way, thanks for the watch

That would have been awesome to have Shining Armor and Cadence did join in to settle the score with chrysalis such a huge Miss opportunity and hey you did a pretty good job

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