• Published 29th Dec 2019
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A Cozy Hearth's Warming - SoloBrony

In the last story, Cozy Glow became a super hero. Mostly because of brain damage. Now she has to juggle studies, super heroics, friend-making (ugh), and... destiny? All before Hearth's Warming – can't a former megalomaniacal psychopath catch a break?

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"Sister, that's not funny!"

Luna pouted at me, and I covered my snicker with one of my great white wings. They really were just splendidly versatile like that.

"Aww, but you look so adorable as a dapple, Luna!"

Twilight was suppressing a snicker of her own. For a moment I wondered if Luna was really offended, but she just rolled her eyes and grinned. In fact, she seemed almost giddy, just as she had when she first approached us.

She must have finally broached the family issue with Cozy. And it looks like she got a positive answer!

I smiled and politely waited for Luna to explain, but she smirked at me slyly instead.

"Sister, you didn't perchance just guess what I came to tell you, did you?"

I looked up and away as innocently as I could. "Could be. Who's to say?"

Twilight looked between the two of us in confusion, but Luna's smirk grew and she leaned in.

"Tia, did you happen to think through the part where this means you're an aunt now?"

Oh. Oh right. That's a thing.

Luna belted out a decidedly unprincessly guffaw.

"You didn't! You didn't even think about that!"

I cleared my throat forcefully, trying to push down the sudden excitement I felt so as not to let Luna one-up me. "But I already am an aunt! To Cadance!"

Luna snorted. "That has nothing to do with this, and you know it!"

Twilight leaned in. "Umm, sorry to interject, but... whaaaa?"

I grinned, but Luna beat me to the punch. "Cozy accepted my adoption of her! She even called me her mother – as part of a jest, granted, but nonetheless!"

Wow. Is it possible she's just trying to manipulate Luna...? No, based on what I've seen of her, it's more likely the filly was trying to put on a brave face. I suspect she has a troubled past, and is equal parts joyous and terrified by this...

Twilight put on a somewhat unconvincing smile. "Really? That's... great! But, um, wasn't that a bit, y'know, quick?"

I smirked almost imperceptibly before I returned to a more neutral expression.

Hah, still a step ahead! This old nag's not useless yet!

Luna hesitated, her grin faltering, and I set a hoof on Twilight's withers. "Perhaps, but Cozy's not like a normal filly. She's very perceptive, especially when it comes to social matters. I'm sure she was just as excited as Luna, and just wanted to express that."

Twilight locked eyes with me for a moment, and then took a sigh of relief and leaned back. "Right, I'm sure that's what it is. Sorry, I'm just still processing the whole, like... Quillon, Cozy, super hero thing. Even Discord was less chaotic when it came to redemption. Sorry, Luna; I didn't mean to be a downer."

Luna smiled and shook her head. "It's fine, Twilight. I know you're just concerned for my well-being. You haven't been here to see how different she is in-person, so I understand how hard it must be for you to imagine."

Twilight seemed to give this some thought before responding. "It's not that hard to imagine. I mean, I've seen plenty of ponies reform. It's just that none of them posed as my friend or student beforehand. I was so taken in by Cozy, and I felt so betrayed by what she did, I just... I guess I'm just still hurt. I can't believe I failed a student so badly."

Luna frowned, her ears flattening. "I spoke with her about all of that. She said she wanted to apologize, but she feels she needs to remember what she did wrong for it to be sincere, first."

Twilight nodded. "That makes sense. Honestly, I'm not fishing for an apology. I just wish I understood better. Maybe... if she starts to remember more, you could ask her to speak with me about it?"

Luna hummed in agreement and nodded, and a somber mood was about to descend on our little gathering.

Can't have that! This was supposed to be my happy tea time with Twilight, and it's a happy event for Luna!

I cleared my throat. "So, Luna, you were looking at apartments, correct? What did you settle on?"

Luna balked slightly. "Sister, if I was going to make a final decision I'd obviously want to invite you to come with us!"

I smirked. "Oh? I thought you'd want to avoid having me steal your thunder."

Luna fidgeted, and I realized I'd misread the mood.

"Sister... I actually wanted you to spend more time with her. She has so few friends to speak with, I worry she feels like she has nopony else to go to when she can't discuss something with me."

The part Luna omitted was that she wasn't much better-off herself; she would feel isolated if she moved somewhere without me. I mentally chided myself for the misstep and smiled at her.

"Of course I'll move wherever you head. And I'll make more of an effort to connect with Cozy, as well. So what's the plan, then?"

Luna chuckled and shook her head.

"That's just it; she said she's actually happy here. She doesn't seem to have any interest in meeting other ponies her age. When I brought it up, she just pointed out what a step up over Tartarus this place is, and shrugged the whole thing off. I'm not sure if she's just trying not to cause a problem, but... the impression I got is that she doesn't want unnecessary change right now."

I leaned back in my chair and took a moment to breathe and process that.

"That does make sense. Things have been so chaotic for her I'm surprised Discord hasn't gotten jealous. But it's probably not the best idea to let her carry on in isolation like that."

Twilight nodded vigorously, and chipped in at that.

"I can attest to that. She's throwing herself into her magical studies in every spare moment; I can tell just from the book orders she sends. I know she needs to learn all of the basics, since she just got her horn, but the rate of learning she's putting in definitely doesn't strike me as just obsessive studying. I think she's trying to distract herself from everything with it, and, well... that just puts off dealing with those feelings and memories. She needs to make new memories, good ones, to help deal with it all."

Luna and I both beamed at Twilight, and I was starkly reminded then why I put her in charge. I nodded and looked to Luna.

"I agree with Twilight. Luna, you should urge her to make some friends. Especially with Hearth's Warming coming up, I think it will do her a lot of good."

Twilight laughed. "Here's hoping the fate of the world doesn't depend on her making friends like it did for me! I don't know how many more crises I can handle during my first year in office!"

Luna cringed slightly. "Tempt not ye fates, Twilight."

Twilight snickered. "I'm sure it'll be fine."

I facehoofed.

Author's Note:

Famous last words, book horse!