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*Based upon the song, "First Night Alone," by ThatSonofaMitch*

Many ponies wish for immortality. But what if their desire was truly a curse?

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Have you ever heard of Forever Young? It's a song by Tune Up!, in which he wants to live forever young; it is a techno song, so the lyrics are squeaky.

Indeed I have. I rather enjoy it. :3 :twilightsmile:

Sooo...another immortality fic. Pleasant that it's NOT about the royal sisters. Well written, if a bit clich├ęd.

This story is extremely well written. I feel bad for Minuette / Colgate. Immortality is not something that i would ever want to wish for.

Well, thanks! And I wouldn't want immortality either. I would much prefer some other ability... Such as flight, perhaps? :rainbowdetermined2:


I'd be weary about flight as I'm not the fondest of high places. I'd think teleportation would be a nice one to have.

I agree with you on the teleportation. Pretty much any ability that would let me get from place to place without walking at an average human speed is fine to me

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