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Mistaken for Raven Inkwell, Paper Pen is given the opportunity for free drinks... chaos ensues.

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It's a crime that this is labeled as Complete. I want to know how this is going to unravel.

Well put yourself in a room with angry Twilight, her friends, an even angrier Raven (the real one) and probably both retired princesses. I'd imagine you'd be looking for an exit, because I sure as hell would be.

I mean, sure... but I wanna read it! Besides... Raven might be off on a longterm secret vacation nopony else knows about, leading Pen to take over as her for a while...

And now I'm imagining a version of this where he accidentally does her job better. Much kek to be had.

Either way we would read it.

It feels incomplete...
No Blue Blood comeuppance.
No "Busted!" moment by the real Raven Inkwell.
...I don't know if I liked it or not, it just feel incomplete.

Pen has a chaotic energy even I struggle to match.

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