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Long time reader, first time publisher. Perhaps against my better judgement, I'm taking a chance out here. Let's see where it goes. Please give feedback whenever you can!

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I laughed. “No, I’m just kidding! Don’t take it seriously. Well, I mean, still ask me before you do that again, but we’re good. No hard feelings.”

Except for the one down there champ

Comment posted by MyNameAintGreg deleted Dec 29th, 2019

It's coming. I plan to release relatively quickly, I just need to keep up with the story as fast as I want to get it up.

This is an excellent prologue! I know that probably doesn't mean much coming from a nobody like me who can't even write but excellent job!

The grammar at the start of the chapter is a little wonky not gonna lie and the whole discussion about sexual attraction could have been executed a little better but aside from that i think its good but thats just my opinion

Point taken. On both counts. Plus that scene was one I could never get to make sense. I may end up scrapping it if I can't rewrite it. Thanks

Bravo my good fellow, an excellent chapter!

you know whats funny? human may produce sex pheromones for the purpose of finding a mate but they're largely ineffective. therefore in order to have a small effect on other humans, they have to be pumped out 24/7 in huge amounts to barely have an effect at all.
scientific american link on the subject
rarity just got a face full of human sex pheromones that while is borderline useless with the human species just sent her into the heaviest heat she ever had to deal with.
i wish more HIE stories has this bit of fun biology quark.

Thanks! I tried to think this tale out a little. It's one reason why I didn't just have a human pop into another world with no explanation except "it happened, now let's never speak of it again." The perfectionist in me can't stand that, though I very much understand the ease of doing so.

I forgot to mention two things. 1) That article is great! Thanks for the link. 2) The pheromone idea is no coincidence. You'll see more of it on both sides of the table, so to speak.

Author's Note
What am I doing? What the HELL am I doing? Someone tell me to stop this breakneck speed! But I just can't HELP myself. I want to know what's going to happen almost as much as you do!

You do you at your pace. This chapter was wonderful and helped me get over a bad day, so do whatever your mind comes up with, because I can feel your heart and mind exploding on the (metaphorical) page.

Ps. I suck at editing. (sorry)

I might have drained my bamage.

I don’t know if this on purpose but I’ve been Laughing for 10 minutes... send help

Well that just made my day. Thank you, and I'll keep going, doing it at my own pace.

Definitely on purpose. I'd hope my grammar ain't that bad.

I'm glad. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Now I’m just left wondering how much longer they’re going to dance around each other

Not too much longer. Our hero is a bit dense in the ways of social interactions, but in other ways, at least, he seems to be observant. Fluttershy seems to be planning "something," so that's progress. It seems, unlike some other stories, it's not how others see them that worries them. It's their own misgivings about themselves. One side seems almost over it, perhaps. The other, well, needs some help.

you know what funny? humans have to have some level of attraction to somebody for the pheromones to have much greater effect. a bit backwards if you think about it, but then again the phrase "fucking like rabbits" exist for a reason. the bit where Brendon tastes fluttershy's vag juice makes sense as pheromones could affect his taste being so close to her.

An inadvertant accuracy on my part. *COUGH I MEAN COUGH*
I planned it all along! Naturally!

oh come off it. you've added a detail that was in like 10 hie fics i've read so far

Wait...is that a complement or a(correct) accusation of plagiarism?

an accusation of plagiarism implies you ripped it off wholesale. but you be taking this story in a new direction so calm down and join us other apes in the writing room

I'll take that invite! Wait...where be this legendary "writer's room?" (Or am I being too literal?)

Hahahahahaha! Man, why can't I upvote comments more than once?

Why did this get put in the rgre tag? It's still a great story but I don't see anything that would lead to it being such a world

I have dabbled in it a bit, especially in the next chapter. It's definitely an exaggeration to say it switches gender roles completely, but one character will come up against a cultural barrier - not so much in reality but in their own mind of how they think the world ought to work.

Hey mate, just reread the whole thing cause I had nothing to do and I just want to say..


The story is great, the characters are great, your writing is great, YOUR GREAT!!

Hope you update and continue doing this book.


I'm just loving this story to bits! The character interactions are just too much.
I can't wait to read more!

Is the Mc bipolar or unstable? He seems a bit erratic in his thought process.

I've been trying to accurately portray (in a completely fictional universe) a type of clinical depression. The thing is that the newness, the environment, and perhaps something else seems to be fighting against the depression. But his depression, which has been held at bay by medication, is now beginning to get much worse. So there's a back and forth at this point.

Much of this is based on fact, in a way. Some people who are depressed try desperately to be happy when in public. I once knew someone who constantly pumped their head full of positive music in a desperate attempt to stave off bad thoughts. This was before they knew their diagnosis.

Sorry, long answer to simple question.

Oh no thank you for the clarification, all I knew was that his thoughts seemed irregular and erratic and couldnt point to exactly what the cause was.

Okay, Fluttershy flipping out like that was hilarious!

Ok funniest chapter so far, I don't know why fluttershy saying am a very bad pony makes me laugh so hard.

Yes, you are very much a tease.:rainbowwild:
Thank you for the update!

Oh... Oh no...she's going crazy again...


“No, what is a man?”

"A miserable little pile of secrets!"

Oh this Chapter was simply fantastic!!!!!



Oh ho ho, it's hard not to giggle like a school filly at what's coming.
*rubs hands together in maniacal glee*

It was a smooth lovely chapter I would be lying if I said this didn't peak my interest keeping me on the edge o0f my seat, I just love this story *boop*

My first *boop!* on this site. I'm honored.

you deserve it keep it up you'll be getting a lick <3

wow me neither and I typed it uhhhhhh sorry?

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