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When a mysterious ship appears in Equestria, the Cutie Mark Crusaders take the opportunity to get their cutie marks in sailing. Unfortunately, said ship belongs to the Outworld Emperor Shao Kahn, and is collecting combatants for the latest Mortal Kombat tournament. Now, Twilight Sparkle and her friends are forced to enter the tournament to save their friends and stop Kahn from taking over the world.

Crossover fic based loosely on the 1995 MK movie. Violence tends towards the comedic variety rather than hardcore blood and gore.

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Don't you hate whenever people vote without saying anything?

4/5 stars.

You should make more!
I love it!

This is good, especially considering it's a crossover. They're pretty difficult to pull off. It seems you've fallen victim to the rating bombings that've been going around the site lately, this should be rated higher than it is.

So...:trollestia: is just having her fun? Even though it's likely that this will end badly?

Admittedly, I was slightly offput by the Trollestia here (untrained ponies vs MK heroes? That makes Discord look like one of the Ed's in comparison). However, if you can continue with this level of cartoon violence and humour (Shao Khan prefers Pinkie's cupcakes? Seriously?), then I can foresee few problems with this (the obvious one being when one of the ponies inevitably loses. No matter who it is, _someone_ is going to rant there).

... Slightly irritated that Scorpion died so quickly - but the lulz were well worth it. Keep up the good work.

:pinkiecrazy: This fanfic is FULL OF WIN!

:moustache: Please keep up the awesome work my good sir or else...
:flutterrage: I will SWALLOW YOUR SOUL!

damn my favorite mk character versus my favorite pony. that was awesome!:rainbowdetermined2:


I swear if sub zero loses against a pony I AM GOING TO KILL SOMEBODY

this story gets me pumped and makes me laugh all at once:rainbowlaugh: good job


I'm waiting to rage at sub zero's death

This is epic i love this so much

When do we get to the part where Sub-Zero rips Fluttershy's spine out? :trixieshiftleft:

:moustache: I have 2 say my good sir you are full of win please keep up the awesome work.

158036 :flutterrage: AND YOU!

158152 :twilightsmile: Now, now don't worries, everything is gonna b just fine.

This is an amazingly amusing crossover.

Fluttershy's gona go all flutter-rage and-or stare someone into their head exploding.


158036 I know right?

158036>>158036When we get to the part where Fluttershy defeats Sub Zero in a fiery explosion caused by her stare! :flutterrage:;. Seriously, who in they're right minds makes comments like that, anyway?

i can't wait till fluttershy gives sub-zero the "cold shoulder" i bet hell be left "stone cold", yes the puns are corney but would truely make sup-zero angey.

Good work by the way.



160770>>159941 What you got against sub-zero? I mean you've got to let them win once and sub zero is one of the best SO PLEASE LET HIM WIN.

just got around to reading this. awesome chapter as always:twilightsmile: i especially laughed at all the pop culture jokes

Sub-Zero needs to win. Just saying. Scorpion didn't.

:pinkiecrazy: Fluttershy is next.... I pity the soul of the one who will be foolish enough to fight her....
:moustache: keep up the good work my good sir.

Hmm - Fluttershy...? So, what, Flutterage, ninja masseuse, or Stare master? Of course, she could unleash her ultimate weapon, and just ad'awwwable her opponent to death - does she get extra points if she takes most of the audience out as well?

Worst first round draw EVER indeed.

hah i bet Fluttershy is gonna get pissed and kick the opponents ass HAH :yay::yay:

As far as more detail could of been put to the weight of the situation especially when it comes to what the tourney entails and what the Mane 6 could be fighting for. :applejackunsure: I know Dash, Applejack and Rarity would have concerns and determination to bring back the crusaders concidering their relationship to them. :rainbowderp: Otherwise, that Trollestia did crack me up. :trollestia: Its a good read though regardless. I'll seewhere this goes.

Dat Rarity :raritywink: I almost saw that comming when I researched on Kano before I read this :rainbowlaugh: So worth it. Keep it up.

Could of wished for some :pinkiecrazy: but that was just hilarious from twi :twilightsheepish: I love this so much :rainbowkiss:

Wow :pinkiegasp: That was intense that I wasn't sure if applejack would of pulled it off, but she did along with other shenannigans. :ajsmug: Blaze is no easy feat ill say. :rainbowhuh: This is gettin really good and hilarious. Keep it up and I can only wonder for flutterwonder. :rainbowdetermined2:

...Okay, I know I will be condemned to the deepest, darkest pits of hell for daring to ask this - but in a pyramidal tournament in which only one combatant is allowed victory, won't the ponies at some point have to start fighting each other? Or, if they all survive until no other group is left standing, will they simply be granted victory on the grounds that they will all wish for the same thing (I doubt it - Shao Kahn wouldn't give up an opportunity to mess with their heads)?
Oh, and if Raiden thought Celestia was annoying before - I can't wait to see his reaction when her ponies start demolishing his hand picked and highly trained cadre of warriors.

You're making one huge assumption in your musings. That the ponies will always win.


True - they could be defeated at some point. In fact, I doubt _all_ the ponies will survive until the end round of the tournament. However, the longer they stay in it, the more chance of them being drawn against each other. Can you imagine a fight between RD and Fs? I don't believe there could be any stronger image of the phrase 'conflict in interests'. Of course, assuming either a) They manage to deal with the fact that they are, essentially, being forced to kill their friends, or b) they all go insane, then Twilight will win. Only Pinkie and her weird 4th dimensional powers would pose a serious threat to the sheer amount of magical power she can pump out.

Unfortunately for your theory - this is a pony cross. We are reading it to read about the ponies. If, at any point, the ponies are removed entirely, there would cease to be an attraction to this fic for many non MK fans. So that makes it unlikely that the ponies will all die. Secondly - this is a comedy. What is more funny than trained killers from all across the multiverse getting their asses handed to them by talking technicolour ponies?


If Sub Zero loses EVERYBODY DIES.

What... did... I... just... read... :rainbowhuh:

I would of laughed if in the middle of the stare Reptile hit Fluttershy...Now that I think about what l said I'm a horrible person and I should kill myself...WELL it has been nice knowing all of you please come to my funeral.

Flutterwonder strikes again :flutterrage: and just wow that dashie starting brawls. :rainbowlaugh: I wonder how the next set will turn out seeing how Liu Kang's companions have conflicts with the ponies.

I want to see subzero freeze a pony and win the battle even if there souls are stolen they can get them back if sub zero would go against rainbow sub zero would freeze her wings rip them off or just beat Her until she losses any way subzero can beat any of the pony's

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