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Applejack has always been one to give great advice without taking it herself. She's always told her loved ones to come to her when they need help, yet she's never done the same. She never needed help from anyone.

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Aww, this was a nice read. The emotions of Applejack were portrayed wonderfully here. In the show, whether it's MLP or EQG, she always showed to be there for others, but only barely shown to have others there for her. With her own pride and stubbornness, she never likes showing weakness to anyone, and only does so when she's caught.

On a side note, I hope you're doing okay.

Thank you! I'm always afraid that I write out of character when I write things like this.

And thank you for the kind words! I'm doing okay; this time of year can just be hard after losing loved ones. I hope you had a wonderful holiday :ajsmug:

Simple and powerful. Really well writen.

:applecry: This was so sad...

I loved it

Just wow. This was so good. So good...

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whew, wow, hot damn

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