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You can call me Cat. I'm obsessed with Rainbow Dash. She/her.


Mevs are magic-eating vampires. There are two types: master and fledgling.

Rainbow Dash becomes the master type one night, not long after the School of Friendship has recovered itself from a rough start. She and her friends learn of a way to help keep her properly fed. She needs a pack, and six fledglings are the recommended number. Being a master mev has obligations. There is work to be done, and despite a little drama or tension that may arise here or there to continue life as a regular pegasus most of the time, Rainbow Dash grows to love her new role. It's actually awesome, fun, and rewarding.

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This is great!

Also Pinkie Pie, a wild card? Is she going to cut the brakes?

Thanks for your comment!

Haha, do you really want spoilers already?

Look I get that sometimes we need to do an exposition dump now and then but yikes. I think you're trying to make this seem like book passage in universe but I'm confused as to the change in perspective. If the picture at the start was to explain what's going on then that's a problem; pictures should be the icing on the cake not the cake itself. You could have Dash read these passages while she's doing things like getting comfortable, getting a snack or petting Tank. This in turn could allow you to break up this exposition into manageable chucks and allow the reader to learn along side Dash as she starts to understand what is happing to her.

I would like to see more as you have a good idea for a story and are one of a few that use pictures in their stories but this chapter might turn some readers away.

It's a risk I'm willing to take. I've worked on this story a long time, and done it the way of breaking things up with Rainbow's reactions in between, but I find I actually really like it this way significantly more. That's how it's going to be, and if it turns some readers away, so be it. There is no way I'll be able to please everyone, but I know enough of this chapter that it pleases me to go this way.

Another great chapter!

It’s great whenever Rainbow gets serious and being the lead.

Great chapter!

Was the “fear snare” explained in the information chapter or was it something new just now and Rainbow just said and explained it by instinct?


Something new just now. The book she has doesn't cover it at all. The closest it gets is saying master mevs can sense and eat fear.

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Great chapter!

Just a helpful suggestion, but would it be a good idea to put images at the end of the chapters to avoid spoilers since the image at the top gave away who wins?


The thought occurred to me, or to even save it for where it takes place in the story, but having them this way is heavily inspired by the illustrations at the beginning of Harry Potter chapters (which I think also sometimes included spoilers, it's been years since I read them). I like the format and am sticking with it.

Just binged the story and love it so far!:twilightsmile::raritywink::yay:

Thank you, I am very glad to hear that!

Great chapter!

Is Lightning Dust and Cozy Glow going to be in the story? This could be troublesome if the latter appears.


No spoilers! As you requested from chapter 1.

Great chapter!

Maybe Scootaloo should call Rainbow Dash “Master” when nopony is absolutely absolutely around. Don’t want to let a rival pegasus to know about it and make things worse.

Great chapter!

Is the next chapter going to be different from the original episode, aside from the whole Master Meg thing?


I plan to publish the next chapter tomorrow. It's a follow up to this one and will answer your question then.

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