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I am sixteen, and I am a proud Canadian. Also I love history!


Following the end of the Equestrian-German-Soviet war, Gen. Silver Shield thought that his war was done and he could remake Equestria in the image of the Nationalist Populist he was. After all, the nation was in peace and the United Kingdom of Equestria was prospering. And how will the main six react when they return from exile to find a military dictator, as well as Shining Armor who was made king, in charge of things? Then add that all of a sudden, from the shadows, struck a force that would send the Multiverse into chaos: The Union of Soviet Socialist Equestrian Republics!?
(An MLP and WIC crossover)

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Comment posted by Dimitri2278 deleted February 15th

Thank you! Whoever liked it! 🤗

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